everything comes to an end

i might fly with a rocketship to mars ..

i might melt with you under the constant beauty of the starrs ..

one thing will never change .. the times you and i shared :]

the love that we had

the days we melted one another

the day when you were my knight in shining armor

if the day everything ends come

i would cry . yes i would .

wish that you are to be with me .

by my side until that day comes

love you so :]



broken strings

first blogger entry :D goodluck to me :D


broken strings mean hard work and determination on guitar .. does a broken and untuned piano mean the same ? or does it mean stupidity and unfulfillment ? The piano is the most fascinating object i have ever encountered .. even the most respected kind of music are made with this musical instrument .. the ever great Beethoven and Mozart .. how will i ever follow their footsteps ..

when i know the tool of that dream is broken ..

when the one thing you count your inspiration broken and unusable .. how can you persue your dream ? how can you practice to be like your symbol of grace and perfection ?

someday i may learn how to play it .. but how with my mind so full of problems by then ? how with the hardships i would need to finish ?

i know i need to learn it now .. i would need to make it happen now .. its like finishing your problem .. only learning it :D


xoxo marga music hapiness