like mother like daughter.:]

ok so . i have to admit . now a days i cant stop my mouth from saying too many bad words . i feel evil . but it feels good too . ive never been like this before . its a something that i feel like ive gone against my old self . its like im a new person . and its a someone who keeps on cursing . honestly that is what it is . i feel a lot evil . and a lot like not myself . oh by the way . i really cant help it . is it my fault one of my classmates is also a member of phoenix1 ? he is convincing me to come back . well it is very tempting . phoenix1 and opusdei . 2 guilds of different schools trying to make a connection for the good of both guilds . but i have a feeling if i go back i will be very lonely . its not healthy for me to even be there . with all my stalkers and all that . will my guildmates not very open to new members . its like the only ones who always talk in the ally chat are the seniors . its like ive got no right to talk because of me being new . im not like joshua guanco . he is very friendly and came to be friends with the guildmasters first before becoming a member . its all my blah blah again . anyways . the real reason why im blogging is about college . well basically i have to say i saved a trait my mom has always haved . its the part where she takes things into reality by a random thought . she really is straight forward . the something i didnt have i guess ? its my sister who has that . man . im really the other end of my sister's magnetic pole . but i guess it is both good and bad . one negative is too much difference . but if i weigh it . i have to say we have a lot positive . we get along . we fill in for the needs of one another . oh by the way im sick again . im not saying again . haha ! anyway . back to the college thing . well basically it was last wednesday . i was with my special friends during lunch time . one of them will study at lyceum . another in mapua . those words shot me through . all of a sudden . my insides told me i needed to stay near the university belt as well . and i asked them to suggest a school . all of a sudden they suggested la salle . . . . BOOM haha ! to the point i didnt listen to the succeeding techers . haha . sorry x] . but i was busy planning in my head x] haha ! anyway . i still cant print my application form . haha scary >.<>

good night
~~sleepy loser

np . show me how to love .