good bye

i'm done with the past . its time I let go . I've had enough hurtful words . its time I move on . I'll make a new blog if I have to . I don't want to hold on to memories that are buried . I cannot salvage what is already gone . I can't move on if I still have this fvcking blog . i'll make a new one . start from scratch if I have to . I have someone else to be with now . I don't want to hold on . i'm moving on .




self centered post .

boredom got me posting . well my plans on combing my hair are fail . its tangled and i'm not in the mood to manage it :| it'll end up with a lot of hair fall if I continue this . anyway . Mathplus will start soon and i'm still wondering . how in the world will I wake up and not stay up at 4 in the morning . another problem is the dental thingy . I still got a tooth broken :| and I still haven't had braces . and I dont plans on having one :| My nails look horrible again . i've got them all too long and it all looks horrible again . and my stay at Mendez actually caused me to not use lotion . so my skin is all dry again . my lips are dry as well . at least they aren't chapped anymore :| haha wow am I depressed again ? maybe I kinda am . or just plain sleepy . argh this is getting more and more self centered


*faints from being too self centered*


Marga Weird Facts : Ideals

this blog post is requested by Elmo . I don't exactly know why i'm following him . but I think I suddenly got curious as well :)) I don't freakin know . ill test my sub-conscious again . it might have an answer again . my mind is so fascinating at times . even I am afraid of it :)) . so . bullet post ? I get the feeling this would be hard .

★ I like being with someone taller than me
. I like hugging other people . so maybe that's why my best friends are chubby @.@
★ I like people with long hair
. I go around touching other people's hair
★ maybe people who accept my weirdness
. its really odd to talk to normal human beings . I feel like an alien . maybe I am ?
★ I really appreciate being with people who are very reminding
. esp people who know I am highly forgetful .
★ people who are patient ?
. I tend to always say "wait for me" at an awful lot of times even if I don't want to :(
★ I love being with unpredictable people
. only I don't like the mood changing kind of unpredictable
★ I love being with listeners
. I tell an awful lot of stories . I even tend to repeat them
★ I also love story tellers .
. if a person is a speaker . he/she must also be a good listener (:
★ I don't say everyone has to but I like receiving gifts :))
. I try my awful best to give one in return (:
★ I don't like being with jealous people
. spread the love . don't be selfish . I don't get jealous myself (: only envy :))
★ I love being with music lovers (:
. its a language I use and understand :)
★ I'd love being with sporty
. but i'm still depressed about Kath not wanting me to get all tired and not wanting to teach me how to play volleyball :|
★ I don't care what a person looks like really (:
. will forever believe kindness and beauty are skin deep (:
*most important* I don't ever like the feeling of being lonely
. I don't want to be labeled impatient but . i've waited long enough . i've been waiting for nothing before and now I just don't want to keep
I just realized this is like a MWF :)) so i'm changing the title now :)) this does apply to everyone . I realized as well . this is all I can think of for now . ill post this on mwf next time . I feel sleepy . but I want to greet him when he wakes up .



paranoia strikes

I think i'm paranoid . well last night I was mostly talking to myself because I got tired working during the afternoon . we cleaned the whole place . the whole second floor to be exact . I was so busy I kept some people waiting . it was so evil of me . but I have to admit . I needed both my hands in working . almost everything I had to carry was a lot heavy . and so all my efforts of wanting to be fat got wasted . that sucks . I just ended up eating slowly . . and so last night I,in turn, waited for them . I talked to myself . well couz the net was so slow it couldn't even load et ~.~ I couldn't even remember what I did last night . all I remember is I kept feeling like everyone was angry at me couz I made them wait and I kept scratching myself again . can't remember if it was red again . man i'm so weird . ill auto reply et now . I need to calm down now . i'm done with editing my blogger into what it almost looked like before . its not the exact one but it'll pass . I still have my frog at my desktop just in case I want it back . ill post another blog .