one month already ? o.O

wow o.O i cant believe that i already 1 month of blogging o.O and wow I can't believe in that past month I have some people really read my blogs :] I love you guys :] free hugs again x] after i have laboured for the quest in finding true self actualization . . . . . . . I am not yet successful :]] =]] x]] haha so anyways I hope that you may join me in this long journey :] [I'll put this on my dénouement :]] =]] x]] ] so anyways looking back at that one month I feel like this is a gift from above that I have learned how to do so . well basically this small peice of prose [long actually x] ] is my day to day listener . but actually now that I know xD I am already sharing my life unto my audience :] my friends :] and my listeners readers :] so anyways . I dont blog other's secret . I'm still my forever shy secret keeper :] I promise I am . I know I am . exept when provoked by the person who told me the secret x[ so :] dont be afraid to express like me on this kind of prose :] this prose is actually helpful x] if I dont want to directly say what I feel unto a person sometimes I just say go visit my blog x]] :]] =]] august is really very enchanted for me :] haha so anyways I'll go to sleep early x] my tooth hurts again TT.TT so evil . so anyways free hugs to those reading I love you guys :* soo much :]



my 15th birthday :]

im dizzy but its worth it :]

well i woke up today with the usual thought of the day . this time its weird x] "whats the date ? x]" like what ! x] :]] =]] well basically i really wasnt counting on anything todaii . on the account i didnt get anything for my birthday from papa .what more do i need to expect ? like hello ? my first thing my sister told me after i went out of the room was this: "go buy eggs" LiKE WHAT ?! i like so dont care to hell . well after that i went back to the room . i was like . its really not august 3o . it was a real slap in the face . like not caring in the world its my birthday . grrr x.x and the next thing i did was tried again my usual self actualization . which was sadly unsuccesful . well what else could i do . im a dumb loser . my sister made my do an errand at my very birthday after my wakening . well anyways when i got up and went downstairs my first greeting from my tita was this : "go mop the floor" well this time i did so . well i cant help . im really depressed by this time . well i moped the floor like cinderella . my head bowed like im infront of a dowager princess . and still sleepy x.x well as punishment i got the floor all wet >:] >:P im not happy >:[ so anyways after doing so i sat down the stairs because the floor was all wet . well i was also watching iiison watching mcdo [take note ! mcdo and not barney anymore . but she still does] so anyways i got bored so i like went upstairs and i felt like reading a book . so i red sis's book [the host which i totally forgot about] so i like read it . its kinda cool :] but im not done yet couz a few minutes after the phone rang [im the only person here who gets these calls] so as expected its hiko . so he called to greet me . well i think he thought that im the one online couz my skype automatically opens after the computer opens . so sure go figure if its me xp so anyways it was a short call so after i hang up i continued reading . and while doing so tita called me to help her with the cooking . at first i was like . you are so looking at the wrong person . well basically michaella is a cook . but i didnt know it was actually about baking so sure . ill go ahead . well to be honest im kinda scared of the results . but after doing so i saw it was actually good :] the result :] so anyways my tita was like i should also make the other one :] . oh yeah . i requested we make lasagna when she asked me days ago . so she also used the oven along with the brownies . well i was really kind of liking that :] and after baking . i was like . i had a sudden memory come through my head . i remember sis and i talking about pistachios on the nearest birthday . which was actually yesterdaii didnt have any pistachios . i randomly said out "i want pistachios" *with shock on face* x] haha i looked weird x] -> O.O :]] =]] x]] :]] =]] x]] and oh yeah in the intervals of the baking stuff i kept on washing the plates . well that was fun i was busy todaii . well i dont know why but i thoroughly liked it :] honestly :] so anyways after sharing my random thought on pistachios . i like went back on reading . after a few minutes my half sister just came [why wont they let me finish the book x.x] so anyways i let her use the comp [ahm im not using it x] ] so anyways she was like lets go to sm . at first i was like not in the mood for sm . downright . well basically i was supposed to go there yesterdaii with hiko . but it was cancelled so im not in the mood going there . so i just placed my book on the table and went to pic clothes . well its against my will to use sleeveless but ive got no choice . x.x so anyways i just used my bolero . so anyways iiison didnt want to come with us . so it was me my half sister [ate gale] and her son [brent] :] well brent and iiison are playmate and share . iiison is brent's aunt . well basically brent is much heavier than iison but iiison is one month older . but iiison is more advanced on speaking because brent still doesnt know how to speak . so anyways we went to sm southmall . i was half expecting a miracle to happen and let my hiko come to me x] but i know im not too animated if i do so x] haha so anyways ate gale told me lots of stories . and i told her lots of mine also . it was kinda cool :] having someone listen to your stories and someone to tell theirs :] so anyways i was really not in the mood to buy i just kept on sharing . well i suddenly thought of conyos and stuff but i cant help it she was talking about dla and stuff . so i remembered my oh so stylish schoolmates and told her the modern conyo . :]] =]] x]] its not my fault they catch my attention and make me proud they are my school mates :] well exept the emos x[ i am so not proud of them x[ so anyways we didnt sucessfully find the cute pants that match the conyos so all of a sudden she sees these bags . and she asks me if i want . and i was like "i dont know x]" im so playful with my self these days x] so anyways i was like i want jansport at first for her sake i didnt make her buy it . it is expensive really . ill buy those next time i have money x.x i really like those things x.x so anyways we bought a cose bag :] im fine with it . but i cant entirely process my vision the other day . which is quite cute :] i really like it :] but i wont blog it :P so anyways we went home . with no hiko in sight . so anyways we went home had another round of stories and i shared i was really overdoing sleep x] i was really having long hours of sleep x] i myself dont even know why x] haha so anyways on the way home . we also bought the pistachiols :] well when we came home another round of food trip x] hahaha x] so cheers to another long blog x] which i have missed :] so anyways ill go off (:| im sleepy x]] =]] :]] :] oh yeah thank you to all the special persons who greeted me :] in facebook and plark x]



worthless loser

god ! i can't think straight ! i cant take life :[ god what is happening to me ? am I still even a creature ? i cant memorize my individual speech with all these images flowing through my head :[ I can't stand it :'[ I feel so worthless :'[ I thought that finally someone could finally kill time with me and would actually appreciate it . but now I dont feel anything :[ well tita saw those marks already . and now I am really condemned :[ the only person who would actually let me have what I want would most probably lose trusting me :[ I dont want to be human :[[[[[[[[[ !!!!!!!! I'm getting more and more quiet . good thing [or bad] kath can't determine what it is . I'm so ashamed of myself :[[ bury me alive please :[[ its better than being nothing again . im not being progressive of my time . couz images always scares me . its not a vision . my handwriting is showing what i am thinking of . its the future and the past . the future is kinda jaded . the past haunts me . i cant help but be scared . im still a kid . i still cant be a mature person as everyone dreams to be .




its time to look stupid *bow*

well another loser on site . its me . the condemned loser . well ive got nothing to say really i just felt like typing . i wonder what my mind would lead my fingers to do . well basically im not looking at the screen so bless you if you wouldnt understand . ^-^v well here goes to another round of randomness . well im using michaellas loptop so the keyboard is quite noisy . i just hope no one would wake up :]] im so evil if i do . so i really dont have any care ? not really im just wayy too evil . well share . tita just had a text that we won the bid in ebay :]] haha i get a love spell >:] isnt that cute ? :] hahaha :] ill smell just like sir marvin >:] :]] hahahaha >:]] hahahaha so anyways would we really buy a dress ? o.O i dont feel like buying a dress this weekend [also mondaii] so i really dont know what to expect . no plans for weekend . im going to do what i feel like doing :]] so anyways im being scolded again . this time by the someone who really has to make me x.x gawwd i told you im evil . well anyways im a loser so i take in whatever is being spat on my face . jokes . well anyways i really wonder how people's mind function :]] couz mine is kinda random and follows the state or mood :]] haha share i remember my mom . when somethings that are not very important and it rains . sometimes mom goes lazy and says cancel :]] x]] =]] hahahaha :]] =]] x]] another is when we were supposed to go and watch a celebrity of somewhere and all of a sudden i get this hormonal depression and i told them i wont go :]] x]] =]] gawwd :]] =]] and they said the artists were so good looking x]] =]] :]] well i was like i dont care anymore . as i say to my self blame it on the hormones x]] =]] :]] haha so that is how life is :]] =]] x]] its not my problem if you cant keep up with my random mind and random mood . :] it just so happens others can ;] haha i cant help but be so annoyed with my tummy right now x.x i really dont know why it hurts . im afraid of ulcer . but i cant be . im healthy :P basing from this blog so anyways i really shouldnt :P i love blog crossing :]] x]] haha . i have lots of blogs already x]] haha well anyways i think i should be more healthier x.x gawwd . but i already am ! haha :]] haha thats enough :P so anyways scold me here scold me there . im a real loser x.x just scold me all you want . i guess the keyboard is getting more and more noisier :]] x]]] :]] haha ! such objects are not fit for my personality x.x joke ! according to my psychoanalysis on myself and unto others . i guess there really is such a thing as opposites attract . magnets and whatsoever you call them . i am a quiet loser but i noticed my bestfriend isnt . which is why she needs me x]] =]] :]] and another . is i always attract tall human beings :]] =]] :]] look ohhh !! kuia emman :D angelica :D hiko :] anthea :D besprend [aerold] :] kath :] millie :D marcianne :D and others . well almost all my close friendds are much taller than me :]] even xtine :D got to go :D till next blog :D


my day ? :]

hmmm . im really lucky at multiples of 5 :] haha so anyways . here i am . bored yet again x.x just joking :] . i just forgot what to blog (idiot) x.x im really stupid x.x well thats not new . so anyways now i remember . todaii is my daii :] well its kinda cute :] i get to go around and do what i want :] exept the part where my tummy is constanly hurting along with my tooth x.x so anyways . todaii i get to see hiko again :] only to see the effects of surfing on him x.x *jelousy strikes back* haha so anyways . todaii i get + 5 in computer for being the new recorder :]] well thats not new :]] but i didnt know we had plus points :]] so anyways i get to bump into charm for how many times todaii :]] i also get to talk to momii [me anne] for a while todaii :]] and she commented about *us* again :]] =]] mamii x]] its not my fault we have the same momii x] so anyways . expect to talk with her :]] x]] nakakahiya :]] x]] you are in trouble :P :]] x]] i miss momii :] also mamii [roda] :] i dont have a mother anymore x.x i cant express myself clearly x.x i agree with teacher aida x]] =]] :]] gawwd ! :]] =]] x]] whats wrong with me ? x]] grrr . im such a loser x.x i feel this blog would be short . i dont know what to put x.x my tummy hurts x.x grr . i seriously dont know what to blog . ill try later x.x



edaii ? i guess

well im really thankful :] knowing that im still worth something :] well at sunday we are going to baclaran because its my bday and we do that as a family culture already . i remember iiison's edaii . we also went there . even if i had summer :]] so anyways we just came from sm bacoor :] well i was like im really poor now :[[ well last year i got 5k . well it was really from tito i guess i forgot . wow i remember my bdaii last year like yesterdaii :]] =]] kewwl :] well at least i know im not stupid enough to forget even the cramers rule :]] :P so anyways here i go . tita was like . i should never some things i really dont want to buy . never buy something i really dont want . wow lesson learned :] it was kinda cool . i noticed that im always having moments with her just because when she wants go out and kill time with me . its either bon or me . mostly its me when bon is in pasig . i noticed . and when the 3 of us goes out its always sm bacoor so anyways here goes . well when she made me realize that its not good to buy stuff when you really dont like them so we like went out of the sm department store to go and find something else . so we first entered am boulevard and i told her if im planning on buying stuff from am boulevard those would be jackets . couz they rock :D so we went out my eyes wondering around the cute one i just saw :]] so anyways she offered me to just buy a shoe couz there arent any jansport there . so i was like i really do feel like buying shoes . like hello ! i go out of the house just wearing the old yet cute slippers i have . gawwd x]] its not my fault i get fond of one footwear at a time x]] just like my rubber shoes x]] look kath lectured me againg :]] chucks arent vb shoes x]] haha so anyways we like entered artwork couz i told her i love that store :] so she went too :] and she pointed the shoe section and was like go buy one of these . for yourself . for the sake of christ :]] x]] that was so totally hilarious x]] so anyways heres a pic :]

well i was kinda thankful :] it was really cute :] but its high heels x.x haha :]] goodluck to me :]] x]] hahaha :]] and while waiting in line as usual i look around and it just so happens that the line was next to the cute jackets ! x.x argh ! x.x its worth a thousand plus x.x grrr ! i will really save money for that x.x grr haha cute tombots :] i even want the rawr tshirt :] grr x.x so anyways tita was like we should go buy a dress :] well we went back to the sm department store . well we picked some but declined . i am still so concious of my underarms x.x gawwd . so we like bought the whitening deodorant . haha so anyways she told me we would just go and buy one at my birthday :] wow :] so i really love my tita now :] she is just moody at times but my mom says she is much nicer than her [tita > mom : being nice] so i really dont know what to do now . so well like went down couz we want iiison to like eat . she is kinda tired . with all the walking i mean . well now i know why i am a fast walker . first is because its genetics . second is because since birth we are really commuters . well we dont have any plans in having a car anyways . like hello ? there isnt one bit of testosterone in this household god forbid my family to have one x.x its really the reason why i always and i really need a guy in my life . its either that or ill kill myself ill kill dad at the idea of having no boyfriend . well share another one of my nutty facts . the male/father is actually the ones to give the sex of the offspring . well another nutty fact given by me . so anyways after we ate . we went to the supermarket . and when i was about to leave my shoes on the baggage counter she like went to the shop next to tronix [i forgot the name] so anyways its a jewelry store . i was like what are you gonna do here . and she was like ill buy a ring as a gift for you . aww :] how sweet :] well i was kind heart warmed by that :] well she really is nice :] having remembered my sadness and having my feelings taken into consideration . well here is a pic of what she gave me :

well im really thankful :] i guess i really am blessed . i guess ? well im sorii i cant give any gift hiko . and i cant help you with being lelis . i dont want superiority . im really sorii . i guess ill have to make it up to you :] hapii bdaii to you too :] im sorii . happy birthday to all the people who have bdaii this month :]

[: edaii ate nicole - 27 :]
[: edaii tito boy - 29 :]
[: edaii hiko - 29 :]
[: edaii me - 30 :]
*[: edaii ate nadine - 30 :]

* = not sure . but hey :] its her birthday too soon :]

and oh yeah also to my half sister :] which is on september :]

[: edaii ate gale - 12 :]

good night to every one :*


blaggable :]] :]]


hahahaha ! good morning :]] its so early in the morning yet i have something knowledgeable to put on this prose :]] =]] haha so anyways i woke up with a tune on my head . A VERY ANNOYiNG SONG ! like EWWW ! the song is like "kung liligaya ka" TT.TT EWWW !! TT.TT FOR THE SAKE OF GOD ! iM LiViNG iN THE 21TH CENTURY ! so anyways i was like waaaaaaaaaa ! get up ! so i automatically went downstairs . and after that guess what i saw on the tv . . . . . . . . . . . POKEMON ! hahahahahaha! :]] i like so miss that show ! :]] =]] god what an odd day . haha but its not done yet :] its just started . and oh yeah . when i was about to eat . iiison wanted to poo TT.TT so when i guided her to the cr i like lost my appetite TT.TT so anyways its just the start of the day . wonder what would happen later ?


o.O wow that was weird o.O well kinda sweet :] well i had a gm passed onto hhis friends of mine . which i do once in a blue moon . and it just so happens my ex was kinda ol . and when i passed the gm he replied "adbans hapee bday :)" well that was sweet :] and i told him that was great that he remembered my birthday :] wow :] well now im not saying its weird couz that was really nice of him to remember :] and iiison happens to not want to sleep -_- because we had a deal that after she wakes up we will go and withraw money from the bank -_- wonder what time we would go to the bank ? -_- i wonder what is going to happen later ?


just came back from sm :] it was unexpected really . i was planning on buying a gift for hiko and i ended up buying a gift for myself (doh) im so bad :]] im sorii but i cant help it x]] well i guess i dont know if he would like it x.x well i do :]



another complaint

basically ive got all the time in the world to blog and to express . i DONT WANT A BiRTHDAY ANYMORE ! forget about it . im a vain loser . a forget about it mom . if ever you do read this . i dont want anything for my birthday anymore . guessing you will . just thanks . forget about it . i dont want anything anymore . id just better shut up .


burry me alive x.x

rawr ! blog mode :] haha :] so many people are reading my blog :} rawr :} thank you guis :]] am i worth reading ? o.O im a loser anyways o.O so here i am on the world . forgotten to wake up at 4 in the morning for vb *stupid marga* so im like here drowining myself in boredom . well anyways . just now i had like 3 hours changing somethings in my blog :]] hahaha! :]] well that was fun :]] it really was :]] well go look at my blog please :] the upper right corner of my site :] near the stars :] i love it :] well i was finding out how to eliminate the stupid comment rss . couz my site cannot function with that . well when i change hiko's site i was like cool i like his site better x.x his background is so easy to change the menu bars and stuff so a little takle and i saw something in the btemplates site >:] hahahaha :]] its so fun :]] well i was bored and better this than nothing . well im getting better at this codes >:] i always was anyways its really not my fault im bored . and it also just so happens i am down jelous of the people who are out of town . sis is on tagaytay . i want to go there and buy noceda cassava cake TT.TT waaa ! TT.TT well basically its been a long time since i ate it TT.TT and i miss my couzins there TT.TT and also hiko who happens to be in another mountain . god forbade me x.x x.x gawwd who am i anyways x.x im a burried loser here x.x i hate cavite x.x but i also hate manila x.x i want to be a star :] reincarnate me dear god x.x if you dont want ill go be a hindu :]] =]] :]] =]] haha if not ill just join the raelian movement :]] =]] :]] =]] hahahaha ! panspermia ! lol well here i go again . im just so bored here x.x im dying x.x anyways im eating again . even if my tooth hurts . here goes my tooth again x.x grrr ! well basically i cant pull you out myself . well most of the time i feel like i smell it x.x gawwd x.x bad breath ? x.x waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa x.x im a real loser x.x what to do what to do . well nothing really x.x im going around in circles again well basically i have no one to talk to . im a loser and im not someone who you would want to kill time with so just reprimand and kill me x.x


well basically i want to kill myself more x.x knowing my father is really not planning on giving me a gift . im really burrying myself alive . i hate you margarette nicole santiago noceda veluz manicdao grrr ! Monkey Winks die stupid die ! Monkey Emoticons is it a sin to wish just once ? TT.TT i want to have a normal life x.x im already concidered as an unidentified flying object x.x why be more x.x waaa TT.TT gawwd x.x die loser die ! die die die x.x even my own father hates me x.x im not worth anything x.x i keep on wondering why people even waste their time on me x.x im not a barbie doll . im a stupid paper dolls grr . loser loser loser loser die die die die ! i wonder what would happen to my future x.x well im on mellow mode . hope this helps . well compliment here compliment there better drown myself with fantasies and drama . im bored . well i want to plurk . im bored . rawr.x]



results 101

so here i go again :]] i was just looking around and i bumped to sis' blog and she had a link on her site so go again i posted here my results [which are kid of true wow o.O] :

Your view on yourself:

You are down-to-earth and people like you because you are so straightforward. You are an efficient problem solver because you will listen to both sides of an argument before making a decision that usually appeals to both parties.

The type of girlfriend/boyfriend you are looking for:

You like serious, smart and determined people. You don't judge a book by its cover, so good-looking people aren't necessarily your style. This makes you an attractive person in many people's eyes.

Your readiness to commit to a relationship:

You are ready to commit as soon as you meet the right person. And you believe you will pretty much know as soon as you might that person.

The seriousness of your love:

You are very serious about relationships and aren't interested in wasting time with people you don't really like. If you meet the right person, you will fall deeply and beautifully in love.

Your views on education

You may not like to study but you have many practical ideas. You listen to your own instincts and tend to follow your heart, so you will probably end up with an unusual job.

The right job for you:

You're a practical person and will choose a secure job with a steady income. Knowing what you like to do is important. Find a regular job doing just that and you'll be set for life.

How do you view success:

You are confident that you will be successful in your chosen career and nothing will stop you from trying.

What are you most afraid of:

You are afraid of having no one to rely on in times of trouble. You don't ever want to be unable to take care of yourself. Independence is important to you.

Who is your true self:

You are full of energy and confidence. You are unpredictable, with moods changing as quickly as an ocean. You might occasionally be calm and still, but never for long.

1 discriminations

kawaii iiison chan :]

well its time to blog again . i think and feel that this blog would be long . expecting that i have nothing to do all day . well just now i just closed the games i was playing . it was like an update . i didnt enjoy it neh . well here i go again typing whatever comes to my mind . im not in typing maniac mode so it wont be long . i dont know if ill blog what happened yesterday . well share . i was the one who took care of my baby sister . haha well share before that i got a scoop or so of powdered milk and sugar :]] =]] well i kinda got bored :]] and i remember kath doing so with kool ade :]] and i also remember her eating apple with salt :]] =]] so cool :]] =]] so anyways i was like reading when my sister told me to take care of iiison . so anyways i did so . and when i was reading iiison was like "buk ?" and i said yes and i got some of the milk and melted some of it on my tounge :} it was fun and iiison saw and she said "mamam ate :]" and i got some also for her :] KAWAii iiiSON ! grr :] so i let her eat some :]] i keep on wondering why im the black sheep . anyways im already dark like my ugly father . i hate him for being whiter now ! he is the reason why im not anymore ! curse you ! grr ! of all the human being in the world x.x why did i have to have the genes of my father x.x so anyways after doing so iiison was like "meme na iiison" so i was like meme na . and i like covered the windows and closed the balcony door . so when tita entered the room to go to the balcony she was like is this a cave ? :]] =]] :]] =]] :]] =]] hahahaha ! that was so funny ! :]] =]] :]] =]] so i was like ill pretend to sleep so she can also . unfortunately she didnt :]] =]] :]] =]] :]] =]] oh yeah almost forgot when i was with her she was holding a lotion . those small ones so anyways she was like "open na" and i opened it and she like dipped her finger on it and applied on my legs . and so i like stopped reading [which is mikee's book : princess diaries : princess in love] and applied also on my finger and put some on her tummy . and she was laughing with me :] KAWAii iiiSON ! rawr ! and also she has a habit of playing with her belly button so i put some on her belly button and she was so laughing with me ! :]] wiih :] i love my sister :] it just so happens i got the wrong genes . my sister got their fair skin by my mom . only theirs is prone to pimples . my sisters have the same skin type . which is prone to pimples >:] *thank god i dont have pimples and im not fat :]]* hahahaha ! my little chant when i see people complaining about pimples and being fat :]] =]] especially when im grossed out :]] =]] so anyways i really do thank god :]] haha so anyways i remember yesterday when i just felt like going in circles and i was like bored so i did so . first i was like im bored and so i teased hiko so i was like "(¬.¬) bye bye baguio (¬.¬)" and i went in circles and he kept on following me :]] i was bored and he kept up with me even if he feels hot it was kinda cool but he gave up and i just went at his back and pushed him again :] i like doing that :] but i guess he doesnt like me doing that :[ well i guess im sorii . even if i like doing that . maybe ill blog later . i feel like reading and taking a bath . and ill do my other blog if i come back . i feel like studying :]


HAHAHAHAHAHAHA ! so totally laughing ! well me iiison and mikee ate pancit . :]] it was kinda cool :] well i didnt know my tummy was so totally searching for food well i ate a lot :]] i dont know whats happening or sumthing but they have a guest . my tita next door i mean . so anyways i was like i want to eat . first i was gonna hunt food from the stock we had . and tita went down from upstairs and reminded us that we still have pancit so i just went on and put the plate on the microwave . and after doing so i just went in and put some lemons . cool :]] so anyways i didnt know my body was so totally searching for such foods until i ate the whole platter up :]] hahaha :]] so anyways i was like . mikee i want more x.x so we went next door and we like asked for more . and i didnt notice that if you get like the big spoon it gets the half . so i just put it on the platter not caring . well we went home and i microwaved again :]] *i dont like to eat cold foods* so i almost finished it all the lemon up :]] so anyways iiison joined in she was like "mamam ate" again :]] i remembered that she likes to eat the noodles by strands . so pulled one from the plate . it was kinda funny :] well heres the funniest . i was like eating with some of the noodles on my face . and iiison was like getting it :]] and when she did it was like we kissed :]] =]] :]] =]] :]] =]] LAUGH OUT LOUD ! ;]] hahahaha ! :]] mikee was so totally shoked and was laughing at us :]] =]] :]] jelous sister >:P >:]] =]] hahahahahaha ! :]] i love my sisters :] and oh yeah . my half sister was here also yesterday :] love them all :] im really sorii if i dont text couz i really dont like texting . love you guis :] :* mua mua :]



math day :]]

well i consider this day math day :]] hahaha ! grr . im so super math todaii :]] hahaha ! well im drained x.x :]] for 2 consecutive days ive been dealing with numbers . i love numbers but it doesnt love me . joke ! ^-^v but it does . i dont even have a permanent favorite numbers :]] well anyways . in my previous blog it says that i studied with guiller and janice . we studied all right . but it happens the one we studied arent there TT.TT :[[ waaa . :[[[[ i really didnt have anthing to put on that test TT.TT on the reasoning part TT.TT grrrr . i wasnt paying attention to what guiller was saying TT.TT waaaa TT.TT cry cry marga loser . TT.TT grrr . and now i feel like failing x.x TT.TT ;[[ -_- so whatever the results may be all just stupidity . FAiL MARGA FAiL ! GO 60 FEET UNDER THE GROUND ! :]] =]] so any how i lost all hope x.x joke ! :]] so anyways today is august 19 ! :] whats with 19 stupid ? nothing ! i keep on asking what date it is x.x gawwd ! hahaah :]] why am i asking for dates anyways ? . hmmm . iDK ! :]] =]] so anyways heres something new :] i get to blog my recess :]] hahahaha :]] well its not my fault i liked it too :]] well i was with besprend [aerold] during that time . i missed my besprend ! woosh :]] its not the same without your best friends around . well im sincere and honest he is :] :]] so anyways here goes . i was like ill find someone to be with . i went around and was finding someone to be with . and then i was like why wont i be with besprend . so i went to the newton . i saw arjone . but i wasnt in the mood to be with her so i told her . wheres besprend ? and she pointed and i just went in :]] =]] im so used to trespassing :]] hahaha :]] the fact that einstein is ok with me coming in and out of their room . only because my best friend is kath :]] =]] :]] =]] :]] =]] haha so anyways i went in not caring and told him . lets go to teacher roda . and he was like sure . i was like dragging him :]] so anyways we went down . . to the cafeteria :]] =]] :]] =]] i ate . he didnt . anyways . he was holding a king arthur dvd . fake one really couz i watched that version long ago . in my psp . my couzing lent me a copy of it in umd . and im like sure ill watch it . i liked it :]] so anyways he told me we are going to teacher roda remember ? and im like i know . im eating silly . so we went out . not caring . as usual :]] so anyways we were like are we sure that teacher roda would let us enter ? couz he told me teacher roda is in *mataraii mode* so anyways we just went ahead . so i noticed something . third floor is so messy x.x hahahahah ! :]] i tripped down ! :]] im so stupid ! :]] =]] :]] =]] hahahaha ! :]] so anyways we just went on to the teachers nook . well we just saw teacher me anne there couz we are like "hi mother dear" . and she always accepts us :] wow i miss momii TT.TT i dont have a momii any more TT.TT so anyways . we went there and sharing mode and so . here comes sir joven :]] we were kinda talking about him because of aerold . so anyways he joined in the conversation . and after a while i was like smelling a familiar scent . i was right ! its victoria's secret ! and guess who the scent came from ? SiR MARViN ! gawwd i miss victoria's secret so bad ! x.x i was like i want a supplier ! x.x so anyways i missed my besprend ! :] i had a lot to say :] so 1o mins before the time we went up . couz we know we dont want to be late and so we could get more food [thats for me :]]] so anyways i said bye besprend . im still not used to my best friends on other sections . so sad :[ so emo :[ so anyways . perio and done . . . . . . . . . . . . waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the test had a diffrent content than what me janice and guiller studied about . :[[ waaa ! TT.TT soo baddd TT.TT cry cry marga stupid idiot marga . so anyways i really hate that fact TT.TT grr . i dont feel like failing TT.TT i dont want to fail . grr . ill fail everything . TT.TT im so stupid . i wonder how i ever entered this school alive ? so anyways . i really dont want to care . im going down down down . so i told myself ill just turn myself to ashes if ever i do fail . so anyways im in a bad modd . without their knowledge . because im singing with mikee and guiller . which isnt new . im used to their distorted voices :]] =]] so we like just sang and waited . i didnt know that we were waiting for hiko . i didnt know couz i wasnt paying attention . so when he came they said lets go . we walked . the usual . but its unusual now because its perio week :]] so anyways we walked . kath and max were kinda playing around and as the usual im the loner being the fence . and i was like . "JANiCE ! AiAO CO NA SiLA KASABAii" so anyways they just settled down . anyways im always in the middle . i feel like a sandwitch really in the middle of the two of them and they always fight over me like im a little doll being fought over by siblings . so anyways im kind of a real flexible person or 3eslse i would leave and like those other problematics . so anyways im the quiet loser again as usual then again . whats new ? hmm . oh yeah . im still deciding on where to go . with max or with kath ? kath wanted me to study with her for chem . and max wanted me to teach him algebra . well we did rock paper scissors and he won . so which makes me come with him so kath just went on the jeepney with bentz kinda annoyed . so i was like your dead . hahaha :]] so we went to his place . well i learned a lot x.x really i did ! i learned tthe lessons now that i needed to learn the exactly a year ago x.x grrr !!!!!!!! i can really do math . but it just so happens im really lazy just like what teacher mean teacher tessa teacher roda and others . man ! x.x its so annoying ! i just read through and between the lines and i understood how to . god ! why in all the world did i have to be so lazy ? x.x i am acceptably smart [i guess ? why am i in dla if im not ? -_-] so anyways i guess i just need to really function more . and sleep . i hate lack of sleep x.x :]] so anyways he carried me again :]] it was light and heavy at the same time :]] so anyways before i needed to go he was like . ill buy you victorias secret and i was like no way ! o.O and he was like way :]] =]] :]] =]] haha i really wouldnt like him to do that . as usual im the shy bum . so he just bought . and guess what happened ? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . i chose the wrong flavor TT.TT :[[ TT.TT waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :[[ so sad :[[ i told him its either the one i have now or the real one . and i picked wrong :[[ TT.TT so sad TT.TT grrrrr !!! im really not lucky that time and im really huggard . i guess im really drained that day because of math and stuff . PROViNG !!! grr . im really tierd but he told me he would buy the other . aww :] so sweet :] i love you :] thank you so much :] xoxo



its curie business

well heres the thing its curie . and its teacher chris . well we curie dont like the way she is treating us . its not like a real adviser . not like our previous advisers . look at bentz . he somekind of was right but he said it in a negative way again *napahiya nanaman aco :]]* then again as usual im used to bentz well heres the catch . t chris is not our adviser . curie does not have an adviser . guess what bentz told me earlier when we were talking about fil then teacher chris . bentz : "marga wag ka magiilusyon . wala adviser ang curie" . it was hard . yet very true . nakakaasar . kasi for 2 years already . i dont feel loved by an adviser . thats kinda unfair . well last year i was one of the lamarck students who got jelous of mendel because basically she is much more close to their section and she was always kinda mad at us and always having fights with us because of discipline and we are a very noisy batch . just like what teacher aida commented about us . the trademark of our batch . we are noisy during our free time . so anyways . who wouldnt ? with winnie . viel . jerome . nath . xtine . millie . marcianne . kath . aerold . dothy . bea . lyssa . and others on our room :]] we are in a small room :]] *for a noisy class like us its small . but on the number of students its normal . compared to the lamarck this year :]]* so anyways teacher roda has those moments when she just feels like and really is angry at us . you will know she is if she doesnt respond to what you are saying . so in short she ignores you outside the classroom . we always had problems with her in this . but its a different story now in third year . i really feel nothing . not like her . just a little sweet stuff she smiles . not like us literally giving her sweets and not noticing and being happy for us . grr . cant we like request or something ? bentz hit me hard on the face . and i KNOW he is right and i agree . thoroughly agree . all of curie's desicions are made by curie alone . all of what she says are from what teacher aida says to tell us to do . like hello ? you want teacher aida to be our adviser ? hello ? basically i feel better with teacher mich . even if she shouts at us everyday its much better . at least we know and we feel her concern . even christian orcino :] nice one crush :]] even sir lino told us that the room doesnt determine the class . we are not trying to steal your advisers but we feel much more comfortable with them . for the sake of god give us someone who would care . she is a good teacher to the other classes but not to us . not to us . as an adviser . ranking . 4/10 personally i dont rate that low . god . so anyway . its not my fault . everyone in curie feels the same . i guess they would give it more down :]] curie :]] i love the section . and we are independent :]


worthy blog . worthy read :]]

well another blog :] i do this everyday since august :]] well i like it :] im officially addicted to it :]] well max just started yesterday . well his is a diary :]] mine is the thoughts of what happened that day and what comes to me :]] well . . no comment :]] so anyways :] today is a day of craziness :]] well i hate stat TT.TT i couldnt answer TT.TT well basically i didnt study it and second i dont have any calcu TT.TT it was mikee who had it ! TT.TT *curses* so anyways TT.TT im still hating the teacher for pretending like nothing happened last 3 weeks ago . gosh ! its her mistake ! why cant she say sorii and so we cant part ways ? so anyways i dont care . well as usual what im blogging is about the end of the day *someone noticed that ? couz i did* so anyways as usual im with kath guiller janice and bentz . well today is a special day . couz today we get to do a group study . well first in our list is to eat . well as usual again we ate at mcdo . my favorite spot :]] i like that place . so anyways . i was planning on eating with max . he was really supposed to join us . but he isnt allowed to leave school because he doesnt have a gate pass and second his service isnt there . well basically i read it on his blog . well . . . . i didnt understand it :]] =]] :]] =]] im sorii but i cant .understand it :]] well first i dont know who they are . and i really cant understand :]] all i knew was that he treated them :]] so anyways . lets go to my daii . well while at mcdo . bentz was in silent mode again so let him be . and guiller was flirting at his own gf . he looks funny . so anyways . me and janice and kath had to buy . so here goes . kath bought for bentz . so me and janice bought what we can afford . at first we thought that the twister fries were 25 but it was 60 ! :]] hahahaha :]] so we like had to get out more money :]] we looked funny :]] and we bought for guiller too :]] hahaha heres the funny thing . guiller doesnt like the ice cream we bought *caramel ice cream . . i kept on callling it caramel fudge :]] =]] :]] =]]* hahaha :]] couz he has a reason *secret >:} :]] =]] :]] =]]* so :]] =]] its really funny :]] but he had to eat it :]] couz it came from janice dear :]] =]] hahahaha :]] so so :]] well at least i know we are real friends :] not afraid to share the same food the same glass :] exept bentz . ! grr ! so mean :]] but i got used to it :]] we were kinda really figthing who is better at english when we were first year . but he won couz i wasnt paying attention it was him :]] i thought it was pajee :]] couz he was next to her :]] so anyways he wasnt supposed to win couz his english is our so called "sungki sunki" :]] =]] :]] =]] hahahaha :]] =]] i really should pay more attention . well he wouldnt place a bet anymore :]] couz this time i really will pay attention >:] i mean it >:] so anyways . i will now prove everyone that if you are good in math you are bad in english *drumroll* guiller bentz and kuia brent are ! :]] =]] :]] =]] :]] =]] :]] =]] whahahahahaha ! :]] its so funny we happen to talk about kuia brent couz kath's older sister, ate jeraldyn, was there :]] it was so funny ! :]] kath and her sister are really brutal :]] they are sisters :]] =]] i used to tease kath of virago :]] couz it is true :] but i didnt know her ate was also :]] oh yeah before her ate came the one teaching me was guiller :]] i really like him na :] but i didnt know janice had too much of a hard time at math :]] but i also felt what kath mean about them being sweet before :] but now i feel what also kath said . guiller needed the sweetness they had before too :[ i feel sad for him :[ so i really see the reason of him flirting around . well i guess he needs it too . i guess . so anyways the couple were teaching me . which kinda made me lonely but i told myself i need to distance so i just kept on going to kath and bentz . whom of which are in the dining area and the 3 of us are in the living area . we were supposed to be there first but janice kept on refusing . so anyways i learned a lot from him :] it was cool :] . . . exept the part of my being *bangag* gets on the way :]] hahahaha :]] but he told me janice was more :]] couz most of her mistakes were carelessness :]] hahaha =]] so anyways guiller was kinda coughing all over . he is kinda sick . and so he is also a great teacher :]] its not my fault i understand it :]] so when kath's sister we went to the dining area with kath and bentz . along with kath's sister . he was kinda quiet and didnt explain to me anymore so i stopped . couz i felt wary and sleepy . effects of lack of sleep . so anyways he was listening to my itouch while reading his physics . he doesnt like his teacher, sir JR, i told you teacher elvie is good . i want teacher elvie to teach me :] so anyways . when he noticed i was like . im thirsty . and kath gave ma almost one liter of water :]] thats not the funny thing . this is -> the big glass ! :]] =]] :]] so i like poured almost half of the water ! :]] =]] and he said dare drink it all . i was like sure . i drank it and he poured more . and drank from it . when kath came back she was like o.O !!!!!!!! hahaha ! she was shocked . well she knows im very fond of water . and it just so happens the one next to me is somekind of also . but not like me . :]] so anyways . we got tierd and we went to the living area it was our sharing time :]] memories here memories there :]] i wont share couz i have a lot :]] and oh yeah . before we went to the living area kath and her sister called to buy pizza . hahaha :]] so we waited for it too :]] the sharing end until the pizza came . and when we were done it was time to leave . well basically im wearing kath's tshirt :]] hahahaha :]] we changed . :]] and i really got used to being with her so its ok for me if we dress in front of one another now . ive finally grown old . exept the part of me still being shy :]] so she told me she was gonna give my pe t shirt tommorow . and when we left we saw EDWARD ANTHONY MASEN CULLEN *not robert pattinson -_-* hahahaha :]] well i finally have a better glimpse :] but i saw him before . but i cant see clearly his face before . couz it was only from a distance . and so when we went on the jeepney . i saw sweetness on the couple again :] they should be like that everyday :] i like that :] i dont like it when they fight :[ it scares me :[ and so here comes pag asa and we went our separate ways . :]




this blog is so totally fun :] well kath got a glance of it :]] hahahaha :]] we were at mcdo :]] well they like so totally got alot of my money TT.TT :]] =]] im so good :]] well i do that one every blue moon so why not ? :] but now i have a problem . . . . . . . . . . . . . . how will i pay victoria's secret TT.TT waaaa TT.TT my lips are also itching TT.TT not only my hands :]] and how in the world and when in the calendar would papa finally give me something ? TT.TT father nature TT.TT forget about me TT.TT i feel so useless again TT.TT why does he in all the human beings of the surface of earth have to make me feel like that ? :[ im his daughter :[ im not a maid :[ even if he doesnt make me do too much chores he still makes me feel like im useless :[ grr *curses* well i have to stop that :[ its not good :[ it brings bad luck you need to follow your parents :] so anyways where in the world would i get money ? of all the times in the world to not have money why did it have to be august ? -_- x.x god x.x help me x.x im praying dear lord x.x i love you god :] well oh yeah . today was fun :] i was with kath and janice :] the only negative is i fed them x.x im burrying myself under the ground if i dont have what i deserve this month x.x or ill be 14 the rest of my life ! x.x wow cute number :] but only its kaths :p we actually dont know where we get these numbers :]] hahahaha :]] so anyways i like 10 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . reasons unknown :]] =]] :]] =]] well i honestly dont know ! well when i was pirshir i didnt have a number to get so i just got the number i first saw with no name . which happens to be 1o :]] hahaha :]] and last year in the will of god i just wanted it . and it was my class number too [last year] :]] haha . ponyang offered me to exchange with 11 but it just came to me that i dont want to haha :]] so im with 1o now :] haha but i still dont know where in the world i got it :]] hahaha :]] random thoughts at random times at random places at random needs :]] wow my motto is getting longer :]] =]] :]] =]] so anyways . i guess this will be my worst birthday ever :[ hope boyfie has his better . . . . . . . . . okae he doesnt have either . we were chatting just now . and now he just found out that his iphone is an immitation . in which he traded for his lovable psp . now the world is unfair . why are you so evil world ? well he is kinda . . mad ? my gosh i cant think properly :[ im seeing images :[ its haunting me :[


well here is to life . i got random and knew something new again :D the ever explorer marga :] more like dora :]] =]] :]] =]] that was funny :]] where did i get that ? . . . . my random head :]] =]] :]] =]] wow i feel better :] he showed me another one of his romantic random thoughts and i feel better :] love you so :* well so back to what i was saying . i know how to import blogs ! :] wiih :D that took me ages ! before i finally figured it out :]] but i still cant import from multi TT.TT so evil TT.TT i dont want to spoil the dates x.x gawwd x.x ill play with it next time :]] im in the mood for blogger :] im happy now :] i made him smile :] i feel contended this day :] well i thought it was a bad day :] turns out my previous posts made him happy :] waaa ! i want to post here the multii blogs x.x :]] it seems im not conteded yet :]] with discoveries i mean :] well its not my problem im so curious in life . and bored . and weird . and random :]] well he is so totally making a blog :]] wow :]] he is making it like mine :]] the long type :]] hahahahaha :]] =]] :]] =]] or maybe he is just expressing :] like me too :]



my heart beat faster

[[:happy birthday mother nature:]]

Mizaru (See no evil), Mikazaru(Hear no evil), and Mazaru (Speak no evil). ← haha lol ! i saw that just now :]] it was from jerboe's blog :]] i got bored and i saw him and i remembered he had a blog and i started blog hopping again :]] well i agree with what he said :]] this is my blog so i get to say what i want to say :]] [not the exact words but you get the point :]]] so just now i was wondering why cant hiko make a blog ? :[[ he reads whats on my mind :[[ that seems unfair
(annoyed) but i know im defying some of the male human anatomy so i wont force him if he is not too animated with what he feels like . its just cool to watch a guy with a journalistic blog . i even got that kewll fact :]] its like brahma shiva and vishnu :]] but only they are the hindu gods :]] and they dont do what the other 3 does :]] they are the creator the preserver and the destroyer :]] so anyways . im not trying to defy the male anatomy . but i keep on wondering whats on his mind -_- if he liked the iphone he recieved for his birthday . or what he felt last night . oh yeah speaking of . :]] =]] :]] im so totally happy from what happened yesterday :]] so cool yet so unusual :]] well im weird anyways so what could go wrong ? ;]] so he can so totally carry me ! my gosh o.O i didnt know a 42.5 kg me could be carried o.O well after he did i felt heavy :]] couz my heart was kinda racing :]] rawr :]] wiih :]] god i feel waves on my ears again . so wait cool down . . . . . . . . . . so im back :] well anyways since im the ever envious stupid loser from hell . i would like to give credit to whom i would copy :]] the ever JERBOE ! :]] well i just added him on my list here on blogger . clap clap :]] so anyways ill blog what are the things i want to do this school year :]] well these things are nothing but dreams ok so no discriminations !

i want to speak what i feel ! x.x why am i so doxophobic and reverse disciminate
i want to . . . . fly ! jawwk !!! ;]] toink
i need to join social circles x.x i dont want to be anti social couz to be honest . . . im thoroughly not !
i want to revive my piano ! x.x i miss my piano ! x.x love you so much ♥ i dont want to bury it 60 feet under the ground x.x
i want to learn guitar :]] i have my share of fantasies :]]
dont want to feel like an unidentified flying object :]] fb was so totally right with that :]] im an unidentified flying object x.x i miss kath x.x
i want a memorable birthday too x.x i feel wasted with my dad not remembering to ask me what i want . x.x he even told me if i want something i ask but if i he needs something i fly away . but its my birthday ! i dont always come to him asking TT.TT
if i dont have a nice birthday at least boyfie would . happy birthday :]
wont lose my valuables :]] irony if i would lose my stuff :]] i lost my stabilo ballpens :[[ :'[ so bad :'[
make an improvised usb x.x mama needed it for italy and the magnet just got all the files so stupid
be independent :'[[ and not to keep on blogging about kath :[[ but im so bad :[[ is it the flames ? :]] we got marrige :]] =]] :]] =]]
i dont need to wish couz i will really have 1o0 karma before the end of the year :]] hello ! :]] boyfie and i are always there :p
have my old habit of saving money ! i dont need to depend on papa ! he is so bad ! :[[ and i need to save like when i was younger :]]
not just blog what i feel express them x.x exept when talking about akumas ! :]]
find more beliveable reasons :]] hahaha :]] im so totally laughing at myself when i give reasons "enjoy dito ee" :]] but tita just says yes :]] hahaha :]]
well enjoy being curie :] i love curie already :] hope to have a good and memorable year :] love you guis :] wish no fights :]

well i dont know what to say anymore :]] :]] =]] =]] so bless me :]] im not reviewing for the perio next week :]] but tita doesnt care :]] bury me to hell ! :]] but ill read about noli :]] good thing people write about jose rizal nowadays :]] i can read summaries :]] its so deep x.x i hate deep filipino language x.x ill die ! :]] =]] :]] =]] so im so totally loving this blog :] i write so long :]] well :] i want to buy trusty old victoria's secret :]] my lips miss it :]] =]] :]] =]] so well heres the thing :]] i was browing at ebay . and i was chatting with hiko again . and boom ! i saw strip it and i was like "i saw strip it ! in ebay! o.O" and i gave him the link and he said yes it his her sister's and i was like honestly !? o.O and he said yes so i told him i would buy one :] well its not my fault he wanted me to use those things and it just so happens his sister was selling the one i like :]]] =]]] the irony of life :]]] =]]] hahahahahahaha :]] what a life :]] he told me he liked the smell of sis wendii's lip gloss :]] haha :]] well i like that brand :p i like victoria's secret . :]] it runs in the family :]] hahahaha :]] the last victoria i had came from tita malou [my mother's ninang] :]] i miss that thing . wonder what it happened to the last one :]] =]] :]] =]] well thoroughly missing it . maii nalaman aco !!!!! august 13 is really a memorable day :] *secret* hahahahahaha mikee :P you :P haha blahblahblah :]]



[[: rawr :]]

i just sat down and i just forgot what i was about to blog about :]] I'm so stupid :]] haha :]] so anyways . now i remember :]] im really so stupid haha so anyways . im blogging on michaella's loptop :]] my fingers are so weirded out :]] couz i dont use touchpad normally and i dont really like loptops of such so anyways . i kinda broke it a few days ago so she is currently using the big keyboard :]] its hp and this loptop is acer :]] hahahaha :]] pair mouse of the loptop wont work on her loptop anymore . . . . reasons unknown :]] =]] :]] =]] hey ! i didnt study as a computer technician you know . it just so happens im good at it :]] =]] so anyways :] its august 15 :] wiihh :] so anyways share :]] i noticed my favourite numbers are always divisible by 5 :]] 1o :]] 15 :]] 25 :]] and 3o :]] as you may have wondered . why 6 isnt there ? . well 6 is in my heart :]] *ang cheezy ang epal* so anyways im really just bored with my life again :]] so anyways this blog will have more followers :]] ive reqruited lolo to follow it :]] so i dont know if its the update type or ill check your site once in a while type . but anyways . he has net . he will survive :]] so anyways .its august 15 ! another 15 days before my birthday ! :]] but another 14 before his :]] so anyways i have a plan :]] but im not sure :[[ i have hindrances :[[ specially by financial means :]] =]] :]] =]] :]] =]] but anyways :]] its my birthday . so i need money . hopefully papa would spare me some . and hopefully he would like it :] couz i like it :] ill buy one also :] so we would look like a pair :']] im so totally laughing out loud here :]] gawwd ! i cant imagine ! :]] he is tall and come on the gift and curse of god im not :]] bless me o blessed virgin mary with the height that i may presume :]] but anyhow i can possibly imagine myself taller :]] i dont look good with legs long :]] better make my neck look long :]]] =]]] :]]] gawwd whats with my random head ? :]] so anyways ill just take a pic if ever he likes it . and if he doesnt ill just get my eyes swollen again :]] so anyways . where is my father nature ! i need money ! hahaha :]] good thing ebay is accesible :]] i cant go there anytime :]] cavite is so poor :]] there is no such stuff here ! grr ! i even thought sm bacoor has but unfortunately they told us we shouldve just gone to sm southmall . badbad . so anyways ill just buy at ebay :]] dont want to leave the house without him :]] and if he is with me he would know what that is :]] *are you intruiged of what the object may be* ? gahh ! im scared he might not like it x.x i need to wait for tita x.x btw where is she ? maybe i should just go and just text her . anyways he might be under the ground if i go there a bit more later :]] im just afaid of the temprature of their house :]] i wish it were to cool down to day . i wont share that i just made a blog right now :P people need to check on the blogs of others if they want to know more about the author :]] haha joke ! ;]] but i really wont tell others :]] so anyways got to go :] ill wash up . text tita and . . . wait ! its thoughly hot outside ! god ! wonder whats with the weather changes so weirdly these past few days . i keep on wondering . hmm . would i walk or would i go ride on a tricylce . im really tierd anyways . so ill just follow my instincts again :]] but im destroying the money i saved from yesterday ! gawdd . i didnt eat that yesterday in preparation to mcdo with kath next week . oh yeah ! next week is perio week . which means . mcdo with kath week :] we did that last year and now we are doing it again this year . nothing new i guess ? couz we always eat there when we were doing ip for gen sci when we were sophomores and we were always there out of boredom when we were sophomores :] so no change for junior :P so anyways i wouldnt eat again -_- gawwd . kath feed me :]] perio week !! its the week i get to roam around :]] i love perio week ! :]] ill do what mikee borromeo and ate ekah sicad's craziness last year :]] i get to do that because . . . . . i just want to :]] hahahaha :]] so miss freshmen . miss sophomore and love junior :] we need to stay focused on the present . . couz if we keep searching at the past . we might not know the present would be much better if you stop counting days :]



august 13 [mark it on your calendars] :]

another playful blog :] at least its not like the previous 2 blogs : well anyways . yesterday i broke michaella's loptop :]] hahaha :]] it was an accident . the keyboard we used was the large HP . it was hard . but unlike this keyboard here at school *wants to throw it* will i throw it ? >:] so anyways august 13 is sir erberts birthday :] ill greet him later :] wish he would be online early today :] it was cool . he had a fight with gali or sumthin ? but it was kinda cool . more dramatic effect :]] [im dead if serbs reads this :]] ] so anyways . curie sang him hapii burrdeii also :] wihh :] ! so early in the morning galileo and curie sang him a hapii burdeii together :] he must be really happy :] so anyway ill ask him later :] and asked what he and gali fought about . btw curie and gali were at the rooftop that time :] wow :] august 13 :] but august 13 is also sad :[ nichole will really go to canada :[ today is really a mark on the calendar . so anyway we had fun at the rooftop :] well i was bored [a little] couz i was a judge . blahblahblah . i didnt even know how to grade them -_- it doenst really matter right ? so i just wrote random numbers :]] hahahaha >:]] im so bad :]] but its kinda high :] compared to what they gave us -_- i guess we are the lowest couz i gave them all high :]] hahaha :]] im so good :]] and so random :]] so so . i feel incomplete -_- i want to do something today -_- but wonder what it is -_- so anyways . lunch again with hiko :] well i was doing my writing folio so he was fooling around me . so anyways it was cool i was doing my work while teasing me [is it cool ? o.O i guess not ? o.O] well today i guess is boring ? i found out my ballpens are missing :[[ i really cant find them anywhere :[[ waaa :[[ i just wasted money again :[[ but i really like those :[[ waaaaa :[[ so sad :[[ i want those ballpens :[[

[at home] :]]

its time to blog the time after comp :]] well today is really considered to be really fun :]] :]] well todaii is thursday . an unusual day to really have a fun day . the subject after comp was ap so we kinda didnt have a chance to get to stay at the room so anyways i was kinda sleepy that time so i really didnt have a chance to think straight at the avr :]] i got a low grade at quiz tuloii -_- at the time i was wanting to get it high -_- so anyway after that was music . . . we have perio !!!!!! i was kinda nervous . and then out of the blue teacher may told us to sing [well dance really] the ektra jutra sumthin [i forgot ! (doh)] so anyways we just did what we were told . but there was a part of what t may said that my classmates didnt listen to . dont clap hard . but as usual . hard headed creatures . t may kinda shouted . she might be annoyed . considering the fact that we are second to the last subject so anyways when she calmed down we got to play around with the steps :]] so super random and crazy curie :]] we got to play around :]] so anyways chem time was really fun ! super ! *taglish moments* so anyways hindi na maiiwasan na magtagalog dito . and so . parang timgang mga kaklase co :]] halatang mga inaantoc :]] o sadyang may topak kami ? :]] basta pati si teacher mich nasasali sa mga kabaliwan namin :]] mas feel co si teacher mich kesa kaii teacher chris . super nakiki ride sya :]]

time to end :] *bow*



something is really wrong with me

. . . . i seriously think i have a pschycological defect . or is it melancholia . . . . for what ? ! i feel really stupid . couz i really am stupid . time to stop wearing a mask couz my good days are over . the loser has gone back ? couz i am one . emotional deteriation ! gawwd ! is stupidity my number one asset ? Guiller called me at recess and i wondered why he called me . it was because i was oddfully quiet that day . i wonder . . . . . . . if i would run in front of a real speeding car would anyone chase me ? . . would anyone even try to help me ? . . for God's sake . i know the answer is solid no . why would anyone try to help me ? im nothing but trouble anyways . and now i also wonder . why would my groupmates in ap try to feed me ? was that real ? or was i illusioning ? i heard my name being voiced out again . or was it really just me lying to myself ? i have no doubts about God . but to be honest . i am just really stupid . look . they are calling me now to eat and im just brushing them off . well i really know in myself im an attention seeker but now i just feel like its not me if i am . forgive me im stupid ive got no stories to tell . well bye



whats your problem loser ?

whats with me ? i wanted to run in front of the school service this afternoon . i seriously have a problem . but i seriously cant identify what my head says . i seriously need a psychiatrist . i mean it . even kath didnt know what to do with me . i noticed that i was just walking on a straight line . not caring what would happen to me . besprend kept on pulling me to safety but as usual i dont listen . they had a chance to put me on the side walk but my feet dragged me back to the main street . i cant understand myself . when i went down i told myself im hungry but when we finally went out . my appetite got lost . i really dont understand myself . i have 3 theories . first is my dysmenorrhea . second is time [totally condemning me] and last is puberty . im really fine with dysme now . i so totally dont care if it screaches in pain . my first day was actually the worst i had all my life since grace told me to drink meds . and i didnt get to eat . time ? i still hate you . what ever you do . i still hate you ! and puberty ? i dont know . you are so weird ! [personification mode much ?] well last . im destroying my body . since i know kath wouldnt read this and she wouldnt know about this and no one is following my blog [no updates to others] and she didnt hear what i murmured . . i have no nutrition all day . i didnt eat breakfast . i just ate recess [which are just some bunch of junks] . no lunch . i drank some of kath's softdrinks joined with my dysme . and now i wont eat my dinner . well toodles . hope to die soon . dont worry . just turn me to ashes ;] im not emo . im just practical ;]

P.S. : always read my status quo :] you may notice it change from time to time :] thats why its called status quo



happiness and loneliness

[: hapii aniv ate didi kuia andrew :]
[: hapii monxie marchella neil :]

well supposed to be todaii is nirvana daii . but no hiko -_- ang drama ni hime :]] epal lan :]] so anyways vb again :] its kinda sad . coach boyet *might* remove some students . hala ! kinakabahan aco -_- promise -_- baka kung ano mangyari . what can i do ? I'm a real loser -_- gawwd well I dont want to waste the opportunity to learn how to play a real sport -_- i want to feel and know what its like . i dont want to feel scared of the possibilty of losing a chance of trying to a new life . all i wanted to do was learn it . thats all i ask -_- what more do you expect ? gawwd im such a loser T.T but i can do it ! GO ME ! anyways i had a fun day :] seeing all the alumni play with the boys . personally i dont know the alumnis really :]] but it fascinates me to watch them :] even bentz's older brother . they are so identical o.O :]] so kewll :]\m/ almost same genes :] ALMOST ! i noticed differences *doh ! im a pschologist in disguise* :]] ang kapal co :]] well si bentz meron sya leadership abilities na kelangan mo sumunod . kuia neia hindi pushy katulad ni bentz . si kuia arnold un bentz sa group nila ee :]] haha so anyways . while they were playing i was with angelica :] so we were teasing one another . as usual . and later wrenzo joined in . i dont know why but i like wrenzo . maybe because i belive in opposites attract in everything . me and kath as the masochist and the saddist . and maybe me and him . couz he is mr overreaction and im ms no reaction :]] =]] :]] =]] hahaha :]] its true he agreed on me with that :]] and so later joined the dance club people :]] *wow puro sekunyirr* :]] and they got my cellphone number :]] so they really would join me in gms :]] haha so anyways . rollyn *pamangkin* and aira[?] joined in :] well i liked their company :] well share . marchella used my itouch for a long period of time :]] haha :]]

so lets go to my dental stuff . well anyways . i got to go there late :]] its because i liked the second years and i liked the game and i waited for marchella [haha i had a problem with this =]]] so anyways . i left with wrenzo couz he wasnt gonna join the other second year groups simply because they are not their groupmate :]] =]] well anyways he also needed to give something to gladys . i thinked for a plan so he wont overspend that day . well when we went to gladys' home i really didnt want to enter simply because i dont have any business to be there so anyways gladys' mom told us that she was taking a bath . i just waited with wrenzo outside [couz i told him i dont want to enter their house] so anyways when she got out she worked with wrenzo in coloring and wrapped up . well gladys was really cute having her hair wet [ill praise her later :] ] so we had to leave early couz im already late :]] im so bad :]] so i said my goodbyes to both of them . well i took the jeepney . couz im broke [tita is so bad giving me 5o php when my real transpo is worth 7o php !] gawwd so i had to walk *walk3p* so anyways lets go back to the story when i came in the dentist she was currently entertaining a child to have her first tooth come out . it was kinda weird . good thing i wasnt looking . im not related in anyway to the kid . so anyways when my dentist told me its my turn she like had bad news [she looked like it was bad :]] =]] whahahaha ! :]]] so anyways . she told me i needed a skin test and afterwards to go back home couz i needed nutrition . so anyways the result of the skin test . negative of the allergies yet i felt something annoying on my skin . so anyways without knowing i just said what i felt to my dentist and she said that we'll have another skin test [argh ! its an injection ! i have so many scars of injections !] so anyways . she told me to go home , eat and try to let my tita come with me if i go back . heres a story . while on the way back marchella saw me on my walkathon and she shouted at me and waved my itouch ! hahahaha ! i knew it was with her ! :]] so anywyays when i came home tita wasnt there ! i waited until 3 but she wasnt there . so i just decided to go to the dentist without her . when i came back we had another skin test . so 2 injections in one day . it was nothing really but its annoying . so anyways i also got negative but i still felt the same like my other arm ! so the dentist was like its either coincidence or an effect of the thing on me so the dentist didnt try to and didnt really pulled my tooth off . so annoying [all my efforts gone to waste and its all because of the annoying feeling on my arm] so anyways i just went home . so annoying .

so another story . while on the way back . i had a feeling . another annoying feeling . [whats with me ! im so annoyed :]]] so anyways its on my tummy . at first i thought it was call of nature :]]]] =]]]] :]]]] =]]]] so anyways ;] it was dysme pala :'[ it was so bad ! i was all curled up . at first i was `L` mode and and when i was plurking a friend of mine [grace] told me to drink meds . and i did . even without nutrition ! ahmahgash ! so after a while i was on the floor . good thing i told max about it and told him to call before the computer restarted automatically . i cried :[ it was so painful . scorching pain . i wasnt able to post this blog because of that :'[ so i just told him to call on my phone because i was on the floor . i just crawled :]] haha . i looked like samara :]] so kewll but it *was* awfully painful :[ so anyways . i let him call and after 2o min he gave me load and told me he needed to do his chores . after doing so i fell *asleep* (sleeping)