blah blah : kesha

i srsly cant think of anything good to blog . well basically . im pissed . with 2 people out there . well basically they wont be reading this anyway . and im just putting a period that im pissed . and oh yeah . i remember . my playlist keeps repeating . we the kings . it doesnt annoy me . the other morning it was charice . well anyways . i think i really need money control @_@ well basically my palms are itching again . im wating and CRAViNG for :

july 2 2O1O
november 19 2O1O
★the frog umbrella
★my new stabilo ballpen set
★graduation >> i get to be with mom

haha . im getting a bit demanding but thats what i want right now . and to be fair lets put the things i DONT want x] :

★sir lino for trio . dang . its good to have him as a teacher . but can i get a go with serbs ? x.x
★cut my fingernails . this is a democratic country . dang
★get thinner

well basically i kind of hate my physical body . i look like a zombie now . i like can sleep in the morning . dang i need to sleep early . for peeps sake . i hate being hapontukin haha . we are not getting any taller guys ! look its 2:39 am in my clock right now . tsk . oh btw . i wont reveal what the 2 dates where . google can ;] haha ! oyeah . i guess i really need supplements now . and stress tabs haha . my new best friend haha . i have 3 reasons and 3 reasons alone to hate summer . well basically its el niño and im hating every hell second of it . second i dont have a single cent on me now . except the expenses made for ran . shhhh -____- and third is this not getting healthy thing im doing . its all in one . not eating right . not sleeping at the right time and not exercising my body . well basically this 4'1O" SMALL girl and the more or less 38 kilogrammed bitch might shrink . impossible for the height . but the weight is . god im turning to bones -____- . better be stoned than boned -____- . god . whats wrong with me ? im getting slower and slower in making this blog . i feel this is too short than my older ones too . and it took me shorter periods of time also . god . maybe because of the birthday craze . this is damned i guess . im changing format of this blog . im going back to my blog and tumblr . and i mean it . *period* tsk . i guess im really used to leisure . i guess i grew up with it . it really annoys me when i dont get what i want . which is also annoying . tsk . and maybe i need to really to sleep early . grrr next topic -____- well a few hours from now . me and the hundreds of students of dla *rich kids* will know what rooms we will be assigned and who are the persons we will backstabb . annoy . enjoy and share those stupid 5 cornered rooms . well basically i miss the 2 aircons of dla . x] but im not going there later . im broke . and thats stupid . i can just look at the online posts . anyways my headphone is dead . joke its broken . haha idk anymore . haha . what the hell . damn got to sleep its 3:30 .

love yah ;]



little distressedloser is back ;]

ok so i cant help it x.x i need to be productive x,x i am so totally getting hooked on some nutty mmorpg game . tsk . anyways its not my fault my mind is searching more than what it is provided with . well basically its not your fault i got hooked ;] haha oyeah . anyways . at least i achieve things i did not expect . i now have shoulders to cry on . i have friends to laugh at and guffaw back at me . [oyeah guffaw] haha . well the thing is i think i really need my blog back . staying at an mmorpg game means risking your own english skills x]] which is kinda bad . haha who cares . my english is always better when i hear it rather than type it . well basically my hands are always berserk . which means more typo done than intended . well basically im blogging because . its 3:oo in the morning and i cant take my mind off the mmorpg game . which is kind of bad . well basically im gonna be a graduating student in less than 3o days from now . and i guess later today . i will have a peek of the list of students that i will be sharing a four cornered [5 rather] room . well basically . i am still wishing we would stay at the third floor rather than the fourth . well . my legs are too short . and with my now smaller stomach . i need all the energy contained in my small body . well basically . in the 6o day alloted time for change i have done for myself . the change did not progress rather it deteriorated . man . i miss my dictionary . well basically my head is now sleepy but my mind tells me to make this blog . in which i will wake up again late . well . it is kind of bad for me to be blogging this time of the day . . . nevermind . i used to make my older blogs this time of day also . anyways . i am STiLL currently annoyed at the people whom of which i have trusted my dear itouch loves . in which i presume is now visible with damages . well it is clear of evidences x,x hate it . i now also should listen to teacher aida

be wise as a serpent . be meek as a lamb
you really cant help but trust somebody you trusted then . it is also depressing to listen to the fact that . you trusted something precious to somebody and then again they dont treat the same respect to the object you consider dear to your self . anyways . online movavi is a loser . it is so slow . its so boring i dont have my own converter . sucks . anyways . im guessing . from one of my previous post . super previous post centering about cory aquino and marcos and all that stuff . well basically . her son . noy noy i guess will be the next president . talk about monarchy . well basically i think filipinos chose something they are not sure of . they are only imitating what they think is on trend . and i am guessing . it is a bad habit of filipinos . speaking of bad habits . i also noticed on tv . the reality show . it is quite bad that filipinos have the habit of speaking destructive criticism about one another behind each others back . well basically i think it is good if it is constructive criticism behind one persons back rather than the negative one . well it is true . and i cant deny the fact that most people . including myself do so even if it is not on purpose . well i realize that and i hate the fact that i cant help myself from doing so it is also quite annoying after i realize so . i am now developing my mind of erasing ill thoughts about others . . . which is VERY hard . considering the people i live with . i cant help but think ill of them also . considering the fact i live with them and know all their secrets . it is VERY hard not to think ill of them x.x anyways . i have a confession . i cannot reach the very bottom of my facebook page anymore x]] haha ! i have so many wall to walls with a lot of persons by now . haha ! i can only imagine how many notifications i have . haha ! well basically i checked my mail earlier this morning to find out 2000+ mails only from facebook O_+ and i only got 5 from ebay ! O_+ god facebook . i guess im really social ;] haha ! jokes x] anyway . the other night . me and my mumu [juliuz] knew that some of the people he trusted . was basically . . . unreliable . we kind of decided to change his pass . but the only way to do that is to reset . we kinda started all the drama he wouldnt see his avatar anymore and all that . and i was guessing he laughed his gut out when he got his new password . it was kind of weird . his account was blocked for about a minute or two . haha . whats funny was all the drama . anyways . i would like to share this cute stuff i got from the mmorpg game i am totally hooked on :
well basically i kinda realize that . that cute weapon is now precious . i cant even make myself upgrade it . haha . cant make myself risk x.x haha the thing that makes this precious is the fact it was so hard to hunt this thing x,x haha ! and now . i have 4 more wands in mind x] haha ! im kind of laughing at my avatar at time . well basically . i never had a set . and only experienced 2 +7 x] haha ! the stupid shadow staff and the playful thunder wand . i really loathe shadow staff now x] haha oh yeah . the 4 wands that are on my hunt list

poker wand
fly trap wand
deadly spirit wand
quinlun staff

well i never thought i would dream of that quinlung staff but here it is now on my hunt list . im after the hp haha . the dsw im after the attack . well basically they are turning me into an attack type now . tsk . well as goes for the poker wand . i guess that will only be a dream x] haha ! that one is way out of my league haha . fly trap ? i just need luck i guess . and i need to have patience . couz im getting annoyed at the brawlers . that is the class i am really annoyed at i guess . tsk . i am wishing only a few gamers would see this x,x haha i dont want to spread the word about my destroyed little build . haha i wish my preferred build would work x,x lets keep our fingers crossed and see how my non set little character can last the game haha . at least i know i can tank the macho astral and crimson swordies on rh ;] haha . and i can lure ;] oyeah haha . oh my gosh ! its 4 in the morning O_+ got to sleep haha . im going to have a little party in s3 tomorrow . and by the way . whoever can read this . lets support dj tado for hurado ! oyeah haha ! lets delete that nutty prescilla haha . i totally spaced this afternoon and forgot to open the radio again x.x well basically i dont have a radio . i dont have my cellphone . my sister wont give it back . it is quite annoying . i would really enjoy my summer with my phone but basically her phone got missing in this house under my name . quite annoying , QUITE . its not my fault jejemon wanted to do something with her phone . anyways i really need to control myself from typing bad things . grrr . i miss my phone . i miss brewrats . i miss school . i miss sleeping early . speaking of sleeping early i really need to go x.x before my mind changes . by the way . this blog is quite smaller than my previous ones x.x its really sad . i really need to be active now that im back to blogging . ill keep in touch ;]

one last oyeah ;]

oh ps : maybe in my next blog ill talk about the people i really appreciate in ran and maybe some ss with them ^_^



election sickness ?

may 11 2o1o

i feel sick . i was bearing intolerable pain yesterday . well . i was a month late with regard my exclamation point . well basically im hating my body more and more -____- . im quite annoyed . i was supposed to make this blog yesterday . but i guess . the pain got to me before the net even got connected . well . i have loads to blog . well basically i had a dream last night that totally broke my heart . which is very weird . i dont know why my heart was broken by that . ill just keep my dream to myself -____- i dont know who reads my blog now -____- anyways . yesterday was elections . basically i was supposed to watch tv and support the candidate i idolize . its nick perlas x] im kinda sad due to the fact he didnt get the support he needed . he is an ideal candidate for me . well sad he only got 4ok+ votes . sad :[ well i was kind of really dead sick yesterday . first i just thought i was sick because of my exclamation point . next thing i knew i was vomiting all over the place . my throat was all the way dry . at the afternoon i let myself vomit unwillingly . and by the night i was forced to eat skyflakes which i knew was a bad idea . well basically it damn solid and my throat was damn dry . that sucked . i then forced myself to vomit that dry thing out of me . and my aunt thought i was forcing myself to vomit . which was true . but what can i do ? my whole body is useless and has no nutrition to replenish me . it sucked really . i already had my exclamation point to hurt my tummy then that stupid vomiting to worsen it . hmmm . let say im just talking about my tummy there . excluding my eyes that hurt also . well i was kind of crying . well . mothers day was only a few days ago . and i REALLY miss my mom . and i was also crying to God to help stop the pain all over my body . i was crying because i really hate vomiting . i rarely get sick to be honest . and when i do . its like the world is torturing my small body . its like you want to quit living . but i know in myself i need to fight it . most of the time when i get sick . i happen to be for a week or so . grrr cant stop thinking about my dream -_____- its a good thing i dont vomit anymore . i dont want to anymore . oh ! btw . i have a reason why i wanst blogging for about 4 months . well i got hooked at my old online game . ran online . im kind of bad of it now -____- im just level 168 -_____- loser me . i named it after you blog :] haha . oh yeah . ive got something to say as well . my sister called me distortedloser . haha loser sister . doesnt even know the spelling of distressed . im a damsel ;] well basically she has a blog now also :] its kind of weird . but who cares . anyone can blog . only difference is im on english forte and she's on filipino i guess . im still thinking if blogging is healthy for her . well basically it kind of brought her to trouble last time . at least i read my blog before posting and seeing if im stepping on somebody else's name . well i am not a backstabber . i may talk about some people . but i dont do it for evil . i just want to talk about them . or something like that . wow . i miss the efficiency of my fingers to just talk about this stupid damsel's life . hey ! im distressed ;] oh btw i would like to thank those who prayed for me yesterday . i just dont know if someoine did O_+ . we should always thank God for the things he makes possible and provides us mortals . we should always pray for and thank God for food . wealth . siblings . countrymen . life and love . good day guys . i wish i could feel much better now

np : the only exeption