another blog in school

well new blog . em bored . short time lan neion kaia pasenxa sa matigas na keyboard . well . haha . [english mode] i almost didnt join the practice during lunch LMAO ! i was kinda happy i got a chance to get to speak to him personally TT.TT hindi katulad ni mamam face lagi sila magkasama . pero kung sya makatingin kaii hiko . panget sya :P feeler :P idk :P haha . [english again] good thing we finished the hands on last week . just didnt got a chance to be checked last week . anyways . [finish this blog later] no more time :]



(: 姫 hime 姫 ♥♥♥ 彦 hiko 彦 :)

new dicovery . as usual . ang boring sa school ee (: nantoc pa aco LMAO . saiang . wala emoticon na pwede pagmasdan LMAO . ang boring dito . buti matagal pa time . its really boring . lolo is making his hands on . couz i made mine las week LMAO . i get to be evil on lolo from time to time LMAO . bad marga [idiot] >:]

well . time to explain . hime is a compound of hi [sun] & me [woman] haha so . it means princess [noun] & cuteness and smallness [prefix] [ipamukang maliit aco ? TT.TT] beauty ? o.O me beautiful ? [the what!] imperial concubine haha . so weird . [HE'S THE ONE WHO NAMED ME!! no side comments please ^_^v >:P]

hiko naman . [ito itatawag ko sakania simula mamaia :]] hiko is also a compound of hi [sun kakasabi lan ee!] & ko [man] counter part co LMAO ! kaia lan maii elegance un kania LMAO . haha . ily imy hiko :] haha LOL

haha . ang sad talaga ng sked . anyways . naiingit talaga aco TT.TT hindi co nakita un bunny chorva neia TT.TT nagseselos ako sa lahat ng nakakita [oo ! pati lalaki LMAO >:]] haha . ang bad co LMAO iba talaga kapag abnormal LMAO . haha . ewan co lan kun makakablog pa aco mamaia . haha . ang tigas ng keyboard sa school . hmpf [annoyed] well . ang dali amn ng pinagawa ni sir . kaia lan di nagawa ni dothy . aww . sad . saiang ang grade . nagawa amn ni jolo . anyways . nagseselos aco sa lahat ng nakakita -_- lagot kaio sakin LMAO [me ganun ? LMAO] anyways . imy hiko TT.TT haha . hindi aco nagagalit saio . nagkakataon lan meron aco moodswings LOL pasenxa po ^-^v ily :] muka na aco bakla LMAO . [i wanna have your babies get serious like crazy] biglang napakanta LOL ang boring dito ee . walang music . dalin co itouch co next week . LOL syempre oral comm >:P [KALA NEiO AA!] haha . kaia lan sa fridaii pa LMAO >:] ang sama co >:] and i know LMAO . starr :] ang random co! kung ano dumaan sa isip co neion isusulat co LMAO . ang tagal din pala ng comp LMAO . well . 2 mins nalan LMAO . ang boring . haha . bahala nalan . hintaiin co nalan magtime :D [whistles] sooooooo boring . ano ba next subject ? haii . AP . aiao kami pabalikin sa room LMAO ! ang naiisip co na na AP office un AVR LMAO ! ang abnormal co LMAO LMAO LMAO LMAO! ROFL ROFL ROFL ROFL . ano ba amn eian [annoyed] kung kelan meron na aco maganda masasabi kelan time na [annoyed] plurk nalan mamaia LOL bukas na aco mag bblog LOL



nasa school :]]

well another daii another blog . the only difference is . . . . im in school >:] >:] iba talaga LMAO ! haha . well k9 so stupid LMAO ang tigas pa ng keyboard [annoyed] post this later on my other blog . argh! reposting blogs are so annoying! hmm . anyways . bati na kami :D wiih :D wla lan :P enggit nanaman si mamam face LMAO . i dont care about pimple face LMAO . haha . minsan >:P dont care >:P haha kinikilig ako LMAO . haha . minsan :D hindi co to mapopost neion memeia co na matatapos LMAO later blog people :D anjan na si sir mike LMAO >:P >:] haha gawa nalan bago later see yah :D




well im back ... to being a loser . i am a loser anyways . *sometimes love comes around* im bored again . its late in the night and im blogging!? hahaha . im so depressed . kill me lord !


marga is a dying loser .
marga is dying anyways .
marga is not eating healthy
marga is not healty at all .
marga asks how will she ever join vb with this condition ?
marga asks if you read all my imported blog posts from multiply ?
marga says its for easy access through the net in school >:]
marga says the school's facilites are so low .
marga is tierd yet plurking .
marga says journal is literature LMAO!
marga is so sad TT.TT
marga is depressed
marga is dying TT.TT
marga says literally and psychologically TT.TT
marga says importing blogs from multi is long [annoyed]
marga is really tierd .
marga will cry later [out of boredom]
marga is not practicing her ambidexterous skills . yet she knows its still there lol
marga removed her battery yesterdaii . maybe its a bad sign TT.TT i feel so sad TT.TT whats happening ? TT.TT
marga is thoroughly depressed with all the happenings in her life .
marga is happy to have a blog .
marga says i can express though it .
marga wants a shoulder to cry on TT.TT
marga is really sad TT.TT
marga suddenly wants to be absent tommorrow
marga is crying already . insan left ee .
marga is abusive [to oneself]
marga says this blog is redundant . marga is redundant anyways
marga cant turn off without the blog yet . but!
marga is sleepy .
marga needs sleep
marga love plurkable :)
marga will just import the blog tommorow .
marga will greive tonight .
marga says goodnight :)


haii another daii another blog . its just not the one im used to . this blog is acessible in school yet the multiply is acessible with the itouch . but i'd take my chances . ill just transfer . better yet . use both :D



annoying sickness from hell!!!!!!!

its time to blog what i feel!

so annoying!!
this stupid sickness is killing me! >.<
*not literally aa!!* T.T


a loser from hell


I hate being absent na TT.TT
I want to go to school na TT.TT
I miss CURiE PEOPLE na :'(
I miss CHORVA na :(
I hate my cough :'(
I have a medical certificate na :D
Im always online nalang
I just read Nicholas Sparks novels to lessen the boredom level
Im still practicing my ambidextorous skills *yabang* LMAO
Im hating the hardness of the rubiks i have
Im hating my life here : being shouted at and all that by my big mouthed tita
Im watching spongebob :D


I want to go to sleep
im tierd

Till next blog,
loser from hell