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Romeo and Juliet (Tragedy)

This story is one of the best know tragedies in the world. Made by the greatest writer in the English language, William Shakespeare. Shakespeare is known for his 38 plays, 154 sonnets, 2 long narrative poems and other poems. His early plays were mainly comedies and histories. He then wrote about tragedies and tragicomedies.
“Romeo and Juliet” is among Shakespeare’s most popular plays, along with Macbeth and Hamlet. Romeo and Juliet is a story about two young “star-cross’d lovers” whose death are ultimately unite their feuding families, Capulet and Montague.
Most stories now a days copy Shakespeare’s version of Romeo and Juliet but differ in names, places and authors. This tragedy is what people consider the original story of “star-cross’d lovers”. This story shows how the innocence of an infatuation can bring peace to their family as well as their city. The havoc of the family’s feud caused chaos in Verona. I personally think it is unfair that civilians may get harmed because of their feud. Thankfully, Prince Escalus made a decree that anyone who would destroy the peace in Verona would be exiled or is punishable of death.
Romeo met Juliet on the Capulet’s ball. He first thought of coming there in hopes of seeing Rosaline, his first love. However, Romeo instead falls in love with Juliet, the daughter of Lord Capulet. They profess their love for one another during the balcony scene. They get infatuated with one another and promised to one another to marry the next day. I think that most modern people would not fall for the opposite sex that quick but there are still some who gets infatuated as well at first sight. Most modern people would leave what they think of the opposite sex as first impression and does not fall too easily for one another. It is also too ideal that they promise to marry one another they next day they meet one another. It is almost as if they are marrying a stranger. It is also not practical to marry one another in the midst of their family’s feud. It is also too childish that they do not ask consent of their parents. I think that they should have thought over their decisions first before letting their feeling take over.
The Capulet’s kinsmen, Tybalt, sensed the presence of Montagues on the ball. He then challenges Romeo for a duel. I really didn’t get this part of the story. Is it Tybalt’s way of showing he is territorial or just plain annoyance of the fact they got through under his nose. Romeo turned down Tybalt’s challenge because he considers him as kinsman as well. Mercutio got annoyed of Tybalt’s insolence and Romeo’s vile submission so he accepted the duel on behalf of Romeo. Mercutio got wounded and Romeo got in the fight as well. Romeo then accidentally kills Tybalt. Having known of the duel, Prince Escalus exiled Romeo. Romeo then secretly spends the night with Juliet where they consummate their marriage. This is the most complicated part of the story where Romeo accidentally kills Juliet’s cousin and gets exiled and takes the opportunity to have sex with his wife. It’s also odd they have sex to make their marriage official. I’m guessing its part of old tradition.
Lord Capulet misinterprets Juliet’s grief for Romeo and thinks that it is for her cousin Tybalt. Lord Capulet then agrees to marry her to Count Paris. Juliet then asks Friar Lawrence for help and offers her a drug that would put her in a death-like coma for a day. It is a way to take her out of the marriage and save their relationship from their family’s feud. The plan would work. They’d be free from their family’s strife. Friar Lawrence asked Friar John to inform Romeo of the plan. But Friar John did not reach Romeo and, instead learns of Juliet’s false death from his servant Balthazar. He then hurries to the Capulet’s burial vault. Romeo then sees Paris in the vault kills him. Believing death is the only way to reconcile with Juliet, he drinks a poison, which he bought from an apothecary. Juliet then wakes up and found Romeo dead. She then stabs herself with the dagger she found near her love’s hand. This part of the story is really complex. I also couldn’t believe Shakespeare would be so barbaric of his characters. Especially the part where Juliet wakes up just after Romeo drinks the poison. The death of the lovers was not put to waste. The peace Friar Lawrence has been asking for came after their death. It was very odd that they had to sacrifice their only offspring to make peace with the other party. It was really mean for the 2 parties to do so. They had to make their children find a way to lie to them and make their child turn away from them or have resentment that would really cause their children’s death. They are very self-centered people having thought only of themselves before their children especially of the civilians involved. But if they weren’t this would not be the Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet. It would be just a simple love story of a happily ever after.



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