ok i really need to blog . my mind cant function for english . gawdd i miss verdana x-small . i really miss my computer too . i so totally hate this . i hate everything about myself . well here is what i want to say . i really am totally annoyed with myself and everything connected with myself . well lets start with home . i guess maybe im just annoyed with home so anyways . i had another heart to heart talk with uncle dearest . i guess he is becoming the godfather i used to imagine he is . well his name is the only name i see in my baptismal certificate . well i guess i have to side with him with my cousin being a biatch . well basically she is . i hate using foul words but my head is really troublesome and i guess i just cant help it anymore . this is my outlet and i miss it and i hate that biatch for not letting me have my outlet and i get my mess everywhere . so now i can keep my mess on one place again . wow i guess im coming back to my senses and making this blog . well i dont want to be a biatch either and not express my dear annoyance [oxymoron ohh XD] well i need to blog this because i cannot restart my mind with elegy written in a country churchyard . i really hate life when i really cant express . id rather leave or fail or anything . but i really need an outlet . in school i cannot speak myself out . i cannot make everyone listen to me . well basically they just listen to themselves . well heres an insight . well i really hate some persons inside of the very room i consider as another home . well since i realized that i dont consider that place as anything but a study room now . so anyways heres the thing . i really hate pushovers who think they are the ones who people need to listen to when really they are just some other losers who really just feel like they are authority when really they arent . so going back . its not just this thing but i know behind my back they talk about me like im a burden and unneeded like a little baggage needed to be disposed of . so anyways i really dont like their attitude . getting all of the tasks needed to be done for themselves alone and telling you . you dont have anything to do while they are all stressed out . like hell ! you are not a god to get all of the tasks done with one hand and you complain to the ones who dont do anything because you guys did everything already . well . im saying im not like those too dependents but i really just hate it when you offer help and they dont accept they sometimes blame you for their fault already . wow . im getting lesser pains in my chest now . so another is for todaii . well i just learned that the 2 persons i love and respect in school [take note the only 2] are half day . well i was thinking kath wouldnt because she actually was quite happy with me during break and even took me out and dragged me to the cafeteria . well i feel like she will have a check up or something . i hope she's ok . and the other person i love and respect in school is max . well i was quite worried of him also . well he is really sick and i cant help but think of him like crazy . well it is vomiting . the thing i used to hate for one month . well i know his isnt anxiety . thats good . you really wouldnt like the feeling of having to look around you and feel the person you are waiting for isnt coming back . . . . . btw i got an anxiety attack when my dad first came back to the phils and he needed to go back to italy which caused a curse in my heart . so anyways if i were to write all the curses in my life it wouldnt fit in this very blog post . i just want my chest to open up a bit . its not healthy not having my blog around . i missed my blog well i feel a bit better . . . . . i guess at least . well its not like my old blogposts like august :[ i miss august :[

-- stop the tears from falling . need to find self actualization . stop faux pas . stop faux ami



fridaii the 13th x.x

wow . so happy fridaii the 13th . . . . on second thoughts . not really happy . im really dizzy and all that stuff . it is kind of really annoying . well from all of the commotion for today its really not lucky . haha . well to be honest i just wanted to put friday the thirteenth on my blog XD haha so anyways . speaking of friday the thirteenth . friday the thirteenth is a superstition that so many bad things will happen today . one example is those unluckiness of people . for me this is a superstition not to follow . well some people really do have bad luck and some even have accidents on these days and put their blame on such days . on my opinion it is not luck . it is their own stupidity [is it me or my exclamation point or is it just random ?] well i think and know they are stupid . well how dare they blame a date ! what losers . well is it just by chance that we dont have water running down our faucets the next 3 days due to the cleaning of the tank . so i guess i dont and wont care . but it is not very healthy . well how about school ? x.x well i will go to school tomorrow . x.x how about me ? x.x so anyways today is really not a bloggable day . its just i want to focus on superstitions . well i really dont like superstitious people . i think it is a faux pas . well . you keep on getting away from black cats . friday the 13th and all those stupid stuff . i just think it is really silly and all of that . argh i need to go . i have to clean myself up . we still do not have stupid net . i really hate globe . i guess unluckiness just happen to be here . no net . no water . i can live :] ill read noli me tangere :]

-- stop the tears from falling . need to find self actualization . stop faux pas . stop faux ami




i loathe globe ! condemn them to hell ! (¬.¬) i so totally miss my comp :[ i really want to play ran :[ well my life is getting more and more miserable . well basically i dont know how to function without a computer . well basically . i really want to punch bon bryan pasuquin in the face. he really deserves it . well basically an idiot like him needs to have realization he is . well basically he is so totally a waste and he gets a laptop . well a person like him for me doesnt deserve anything . well its not my problem because of his laziness plus his stupidity got him to study at a public school . argh . and what will he do ? boast it to poor people ? and so ? some poor people are much more deserving than him really . well i am SUPER not wanting this laptop but the thing is that . i really hate his BiG MOUTH ! CANT HE JUST SHUT UP ! i like so dont care about stupid laptops . well basically i have a desktop and a laptop which will come soon [i just dont know when] but basically i dont care . but why does he boast at me ? like the hell i care . he doesnt even have a face that he can boast . well look at us tres marias unlike that ugly guy . maybe ugliness also have their positive thing . people pity them >:]] well im getting evil . . . . . . . . . well basically i am >:]]

ciao >;]

-- stop the tears from falling . need to find self actualization . stop faux pas




its time to blog . well I haven't been blogging for ages . look at how few my posts are last october and september compared to last august . :[ sorii . oh yeah . maybe because of the birthday stuff . I feel more and more pathetic . well basically I made a good habit and not follow it *idiot* I want to burry myself again . how many people are reading my blog anyways ? please comment on this post if you read my posts . couz at times I really feel like an idiot feeler . I dont know if people are even reading my posts . another faux pas . btw . my fave word in the world is faux pas :] its a French word meaning 'false step' or 'social blunder' well it means the disregard or wrong manners/etiquette :] I dont know why but I feel like I want to learn french :] its a very lovely language *i guess* well . moving on . PSP iS BROKEN TT.TT . no more patapon TT.TT well share . I feel like Bon doesn't deserve a psp go . well basically he doesn't even study . it might not look like it I'm smart . but laziness takes over . i can prove it ! make me talk about algebra . nature . genetics . human psychology . codes . rubiks cube . sudoku . and even spongebob I can give you a very favorable conversation and answers while if he reaches my level [third year] or even fourth year ! he can't answer you properly . this is only basing from his mind status at grade 5 . well basically he doesn't even know what 8x7's product is ! I really dont trust him . I picture his future as a assistant . or maybe a vulcanizing boy . well I'm basing from a third year's perspective with good human psychologic analization xDD well . basically if you talk to him all he talks about is facebook cheats . bike . and going out with MY uncle ! well whatever . i dont want to go and change him . he is very hard headded . and I guess I dont want to spent time with Tito anymore . well basically I dont want to change his mind also . why does he even think like that ? saying . I dont eat regularly and is therefore "evil" *joke* "disobedient" to my dear tita . gawdd ! I cried for that real hard . well . basically I was hoping real hard . that he ! of all the people in the world would understand me . he of all the people here . prior to the fact he is not with his only child and longing for him dearly . didnt he ever think a moment or so to fully understand my situation . of how I am so not used to living with other people . as respect I dont count them as strangers . I give full respect and all . but I am so not liking the way they they always talk about me like im nothing but a slut ..... wow a bad word on my post . but basically I feel like that . they judge me as if we dont live together and they say stuff as if I am 'evil' wow . they are like claming in a traditional view from tle our topic in conflicts in business management . what more can I do ? he doesn't even know he is my godfather and even disregarded it . I'm just a stupid person who needs to be fed and whom of which is hard headded and wouldnt do so . gawdd I feel like crying again . I feel miserable again . I hate this . well now I just can say possibilility I'll have another exclamation point . I feel more stupid . well nothing new . I already am . already was stupid .

-- stop the tears from falling . need to find self actualization . stop faux pas



lessons :]

[happy all saints daii ü]

wow i just came home from mandaluyong :] my old home :] i still consider it as a home . but i dont have a house there anymore XD so anyways . i noticed that i only come there if something is happening XD haha . i really miss living in that place . but i guess i dont know if i could . maybe in college or something . so anyways . at first i was really annoyed that i joined in the mass . well basically they made me join but they wouldnt even talk to me . and they even talk about me . so im really annoyed . so in order to let my annoyance put to good use . i carried iison from the 5th floor to the 2nd floor using the stairs :] haha . well i felt better after it . and what else could i do ? and so when we got back to where we were staying . i wasnt in the mood to eat again because of them . and so after they ate they lectured me again . well they said ulcer is a family sickness . and some of the elders really did die because of those reasons . well i cant help it . well the thing that really annoyed me today is they said to strangers [to me] that im afraid of gaining weight when im trying my very best to gain weight . after a few . tita just told me to go to sleep couz maybe she felt my crankiness . well i noticed just now i looked cranky XD so i slept until 4 . when i woke up my sister told tita she wants to go home already O.O like what ? O.O we havent even visited our sister yet . so anyways . we like walked towards the cemetery . like what ? i just woke up and now im walking . well whatever . its better than waiting long hours . so anyways . i like lighted up a candle for baby fatima and i like prayed and wished she take care of mama ü well after lighting the candle i saw a childhood friend looking at me . well basically he was my hero before XD haha . and i dont know why but my sister told me he was looking for me during my uncle's wake my sister told me he was looking for me O.O what ? O.O and he was drunk XD haha . manila teenagers tsktsk so anyways . he was looking . good thing we were only there for a brief period of time . and so we left . but before doing so . we met some unexpected people XD my cousin . from the father side . and a family friend whom also lives here in cavite . so anyways its just me and mikee . well its normal . so anyways . we got to buy ballpen because of the national bookstore we saw XD so after that we said we would buy food at chowking . well we really did . and after doing so i feel like singing my favorite song again X.X well i dont like their chowfan anymore . and the service is very slow . gawdd ill go back to tokyo tokyo . even if there isnt any in molino . oh yeah . tita told us to go online because mama told us to . well we waited for them really . but they got online when tita got home . so . lets go to that . well one of my exes [wow exes] added me in facebook . and i like posted on his wall . and i really had a good conversation with him :] well it is kind of nice to know that friendship is always there even if you once broke each others faces XD joke . so anyways . here is a list of


★ dont join something/someone if you dont really feel like you are needed . they will only use you [sometimes]

★ its healthy to look and talk with people from the past . like childhood friends and exes . you dont realize that you miss them :]

★ the future possibilities of marga's death are : x.x

• breast cancer [haha funny just ask me personally why XDD]

• ulcer [family thing ?]

• anything that has to do with the digestive system XDD

• or maybe anl accident XDD im so prone to those things XDD

and so i end this blog again . im too tierd to tell 



I feel hopeless . I just want to make up my mind and make plans for summer . I feel like I'm on a stand still . well plan on top of the rest . TO HAVE GOOD GRADES ! earth to marga . focus first before doing anything . well here is a list with the most probable things I would do :

• if not sec then sci math :] that would be nice :]

• learn a language . most probably self study really . maybe with friends :] they could make me focus

*italian or japanese or french :] are my probable choices :]

• learn a sport or dance . I need to be healthy :] well because I don't feel it

*vball or taekeondo or breakdance or ballet sounds interesting :]

• learn an instrument . I miss the pleasure of listening of the tones I can finally make

*piano or guitar or violin would make me happy :]

[making this blog post is just a way to make my tears go away . so just don't mind it really]



thus thou hate is kept . and mouth be sealed . for the greater good of many

I hate thinking of this quotation . its really not healthy . I hate tita . my shoulders shiver with thou hatred . I know that people would find this unusual due to the fact that it is not in my nature to hold hatred . BUT WHO WOULDNT BE ANNOYED ? cmon ? look at her shouting all the time . I hate impatience . I hate noise 。I really don't like the fact that she is like that . well heres the thing . she always shouts at her own child . which I know happens almost all the time . and I don't care really . I just really hate the fact that me and my sisters name is always brought up . like THE HELL ! I like so hate you ! she always says:

wala aco mautusan dito ! nakakahiya naman sa kanila . wala sila ginagawa

like THE HELL ! I really don't like the fact she does that because well basically she doenst ask for help . and the fact she would backstabb us and would now even *parinig* DANG ! my confushian belief is being toggled again . what can I do ? I'm so fed up with her also . I really get annoyed with people with big mouths . why can't they just be like my mom ? just approaching you and asking you to do a favor for her . to do this and do that . and my mom would really wake up very early for us . she wakes up at about 5 and SHE would wake up at 6 so see the reason why nowadays we get to be late ? my mom would even help me search for facts about mesopotamia . my mom let's me do and not do chores . that is why I can't function with her concept . I am crying again . I'm so stupid . and silly . I'm annoyed with myself . but what can I do if I can't cope up and move on ?

[wow my eyes are red again . a cocroach bit me again xD]




[: hapii 2o kevxtine :]

mahaba pa ian :]

is it me or something wrong is happening inside me ? i think and do know something is really wrong . well basically . my head is getting more and more unhealthy . well its not just because of my perverted brothers and sisters [curie] [wow brothers and sisters XD feeler :[ ] but i guess its just me . i wonder why in the world would he need to be one of my brothers ? well basically why would God let me see his face everyday ? i get this . . . malevolent feeling all over me . its not that i dont like being around him but looking at him makes me feel odd . i get this feeling with i dont know what . i need to think straight . and i know i dont need that so called keep away from . well argh ! i cant explain . well talking to xtine f i remembered her little message from last year . those small pieces of paper we need to give away to friends . whom of which she send to every lamarck person there is and it struck my head hard again  well i know who i am . but i dont know what and how to express how im feeling . i can interpret the thoughts and emotions of others while i myself cannot identify mine :[   



explaination of exclamation

is menstration a hindrance for self control ? gawdd x.x i noticed i am so not myself these days . what is so totally happening to me ? well . menstration has positive and negative effects . lets breakdown the negative . well . first and foremost . WHY AM i BLOGGiNG ABOUT iT! O.O i am weirded out . but who cares ? i just want to blog . so whatever to the readers who wont read it because it is all about the female human cycle XDD so anyways . another negative effect is that i have dysmenorhea . well that is the very thing why i hate having exclamation point [oh yeah . that is the exclamation in the previous blog] during our health last time . teacher told me that dysmenorrhea is a sign of unhealthiness . it is very weird in the sense it is also is kind of true . well tita was always saying "that's what you get . you dont eat at the right time and you skip meals" well i have to be honest it is true and the fact that i cant help but not eat when im not in the mood due to the people i am with and the fact that i dont eat with the people that i am annoyed with . well i have to be honest and i wouldnt like to clang my plates just because of annoyance of the person who is within reach . i really dont like not being in control . so anyways . i also hate the fact that i become emotional . well i noticed that 2 days before my schedule i literally cried inside the room . i bursted out into tears due to emotional breakdown . well here is what i was thinking of or the reason i cried:

• bad grades

• i miss my mom

• im annoyed at the knowledge of having saturday classes

i am really awful these days . i guess i need mental space :[



*EXCLAMATiON* !!! [part2]

[Tagalog zone . hindi co kaia to . maxado nakakainis]

GRABE ! SiNO BA NAMAN HiNDi MAAASAR ? computer na kakaaios pa lang sira na ? UTANG NA LOOB ! kung kelan aco na ang HEHERAM [PASENXA ! HiNDi SAKiN EE !] kelan pa nasira . diyos co x.x ano to ? disaster number 2 ? hindi co na nga *hinihiram* sinisira pa nila . aiao co na nga ! baka ano pa masabi co dito sa blog na to . ~_~



i can't stand it ! I need to blog ! ...*calm down*... I feel like making a list of what happened todaii

a small rundown :
• I have satudaii classes for 3 consecutive weeks
• I didnt have lunch because basically the person who woke me up didnt make any food for me
• out of the blue I got an exclamation point [ask me what it is in plurk]
• I have pains due to that annoying point
• I am kind of annoyed also [effects tsktsk]
• so it also counts that I am annoyed of the fact that someone had to dental on the day I had that annoying exclamation point
• don't say I am also annoyed of the fact I had to wait for kath when really i was going to go home alone
• and now I am also annoyed of the fact that my cousin is still allowed to use the computer even if she is a so total witch
• am also thinking if I got my masochistic personality from my aunt

gawdd I hate exclamation point . see why ? go figure darn . gawdd oh yeah I'm on itouch so I'll just post this and try to do another blog



nakababagot no more xD

haha here i am in imus . it is kind of odd though . im home alone at the moment . well tita went out to the doctor . well i wasnt expecting that . but maybe that is the reason why we are here in the first place . so anyways . its just me and spongebob mode . i dont have a choice . well as if i can stop tita from going to the doctor or something . well i dont know if i have loads to share but here goes . well ill first share about the recollection . well i cried that day . well basically you would know the reason really if we are that really close . well i only have one person in the world who can really make me cry [exept god and mother nature for being the fact of not being humans] is my mom . well when i was a kid only she can scare me really . and she once told me that i should not be afraid of this . afraid of that . and of course i wouldnt . well share . michaella is the scaredy cat while im her sister saviour . so anyways . well it is kind of sad really . i still remember the day she needed to go to italy . it was june 8 . 2 days before my plurk nirvana . and the day after brent's birthday celebration . well i was crying on the way home after brent's birthday celebration . and well tito told my mom really . and i was crying also when my mom fell asleep already . well my sister said that she shed a tear . but she said it was better than shedding non . i also cried last august so hard my eyes were swollen . almost everyone noticed . i kept quiet about it but who knows . it was my fault really . i guess i needed that slap in the face real hard if i needed to eat healtily . well kuia ivan just complimented me i was getting slimmer . well heres the thing . tita told me a few weeks before that i was getting fat . so which is true ? o.O and oh yeah . i guess i really dont like taking pictures nowadays . well when we were in mendez this week . they kept on taking pictures while i noticed that i myself was really not in the mood to do so . what is with me . and oh yeah . i also had rounds of . . what i should say discriminations . well it was not too negative really . but it peirced right through me . it was kind of sad really . but also true so i dont really need to look at it negatively couz i know they only did that for my good . exept the part that they were drinking x.x it made me dizzy too x.x so anyways i try to eat as much as possible now . i dont want tita to worry about me too much now . well basically that was kind of the reason why my eyes got swollen in the first place . well lonely as ever . i feel left out really . in school . im not a loner really but we are so quiet together that you cant help but feel lonely from time to time . i love anthea's company . but sometimes we become too quiet . haha all of a sudden i want to bring spongebob everyday to school xD haha . just for the sake of not being too lonely ee ? so all of a sudden i like this borrowed computer . . . . . what ? o.O well this is apple . so what is weird ?



borrow xD

nirvana ! i finally got a chance to borrow a computer . well basically i cant borrow michaella's laptop . well . the computer has just been destroyed . well its not my fault . it is very annoying . well me and tito will try to repair it tomorrow . well its kinda unfair . well basically im not using it already and i have to be the one to be responsible of reviving it . well picture it out for peeps sake ! well it really annoys me to death . so anyways i still dont know what to do . well tito and i discovered the hard wares and stuff are either broken or dusty . well i dont know what to do now . i guess ill just work with tito tomorrow about it

well here is the real reason why im blogging . to share things about mendez and our stay here XD

well lets start from the beginning .well my first plan was joining curie in their quest in surprising our dear ADViSER a warm happy birthday . well i dont know if it was still a surprise to her or anything but i was sure they had fun well heres the thing . instead of joining dear curie . i was going to mendez because of a burial :[ well it is really sad :[ considering the fact that the person who just died is very dear to our hearts :[ well we were supposed leave and go to mendez at about 8 in the morning . but it just so happens me and my insan woke at 8 xD so anyways . anyhow we just went and do our self routine . well i was kind of fast xD . it was less than 1o minutes xD [well almost all the next days was kinda like that xD] so anyways i also packed my stuff i didnt do so the previous day xD so anyways the next thing i knew was that we were going to catch a ride from our cousins xD haha so anyways it was kind of a long wait couz their car crashed xD well they didnt share how it got repaired xD so anyways well we got the ride at about 1o xD haha it was kind of long xD when i couldve joined curie :[ well it was kind of raining and when it rains [song ? XD paramore ! xD] i really dont like going out and doing stuff out of the house . even if i dont feel anything when i sleep . i like the feeling of sleeping when it rains . and oh yeah it wakes me up xD couz it sometimes become too cold for me to bear xD so anyways i forgot what time we got there but it was surely cold :& haha so anyways i was *emo in the revo mode* xD haha so anyways my insan was teasing me that xD so anyways when we got there we went to their house [a house in mendez almost next to the st agustine church] we rested and left our bags and tried to clean and repair the house because there was a storm called ondoy [ondoy ! haha xD miss that person xD] and went to the other house . so anyways the other house is where the burial is . so anyways oh yeah we kind of dont have any electricity due to the very strong storm . and oh yeah i left all my chargers on the other house . so heres the thing i kind of let my younger cousins play with patapon :] haha i so totally love that game :] and i didnt save xD haha they were just playing and not winning x.x so anyways i let them play with it until it ran out of battery xD so anyways a few moments after the psp crashed they decided to use a generator as a respect for our dearly beloved . and oh yeah . the tres marias [me michaella and bakla] and kuya kevin are in good conversations xD well we now realize how we are of same age mate :] [haha tle XD] so anyways we hang out with him all day . haha and so the lights returned :] haha ill just skip this day xD i cant remember everything . but here is how me and michaella got home . well it was with kuya kevin xD haha just getting out of the house you will really feel the cold breeze xD ! my legs were shaking ! XD ! haha and we really felt the cold water on our legs ! XD it was like cold water with ice :& XD haha so anyways when we got there michaella got to use the comp longest . well obviously . and oh yeah i just used it for a few minutes .

[next day : sunday]

so heres the catch i cant remember anything ! XD ! haha . weit joke . i just recalled . so here it is . i remember not wanting to take a bath due to the cold weather XDD haha so that was embarrassing xD but i did ! x.x ! |>.<| haha so anyways i took a bath after insan . i dont want to be the first . haha its a good thing they have a heater xD even so its still felt cold x.x so anyways well the reason they wanted us to take a bath so badly was because we need to go to a baptismal xD [oh yeah i forgot . we ate at a birthday party the day before] haha so many happenings in just 2 days xD a storm . a birthday party . a baptismal . a burial . and a wedding ! XDDD :]] so anyways XD we also kind of had a VERY short trip to heaven este tagaytay XD so also on the way to tagaytay we had a small trip to heaven XD joke . well there was a fog xD it was cute . and it also gave me a headache :& so anyways . we went to robinsons . well the other tres marias [from the other family : insan jhonna . her couzins wise and mae/marie] went to the cr couz wise was kind of really wanted to pee . so anyways our tres marias went up with kuya justin . ate julianne and ate karen on the elevator xD :] [ate karen . wise and mae are from our cousins other cousins . from the other side :] ] we took pictures and i think ate karen did something at robinsons . and so when the other tres marias came up on the elevator . it was leaving time xD haha our background with the pictures was the fog xD haha and so the tres marias [other] kinda got closed xD haha so they went up another extra floor xD haha poor them xD haha and when it was going down we took also the ride xD haha and few shots XD haha and so on the way home there was still a fog xD haha . also skip the day xD and at night we were kind of finding food xD we dont have any dinner xD and so we went to tagaytay again to eat at mcdo ! XD i love that place xD haha . XD we have a secret xD bon didnt join XDD haha shhh this is our secret XD haha and so after that we went to the burial and stuff and when we went back to the house we stayed at . we also felt like buying ice cream xD hahahaha xD and so rich mode XD we even have cones from 711 and ice cream from mini stop XDD haha . and so poor bon xD couz he is with f4 *slash* wonder pets XD haha us wonder girls just called them that for fun xD

f4 *slash* wonder pets : [the girly girl club xD]
. bon
. aira
. patricia
. maurice
wonder girls :P
. iiison :]
. bakla [nikki]
. michaella
. jhonna
. me
XD we love naming them xD

[next day : mondaii]
haha oh yeah share . michaella accidentally kind of thought that we were leaving for home xDDD haha and so todaii is really the day we leave for home . well oh yeah . ate julianne and kuya justine will stay over :] haha well ate jhonna wanted to tag along but our dear tita doesnt have anyone to stay with . well it was kinda sad :[ but we dont have any choice . and so . we left at 6 something . it was already late for us . but guess what ? we came here at about 6:45 xD kewwl xD haha and oh yeah . we dropped off ate julianne to a hospital in molino . i dont know the name . but its surely here xD haha and so . i slept almost all morning when we came back XD haha and oh yeah we got to use the new foam we got XD haha . and so . the room we sleep at looks like a haven for me now :] its really cute :] and so when it was afternoon we kind of needed to fetch ate julianne couz she doesnt know how to come to our house through commute . couz she also is a car person xD haha and so michaella also went to withdraw . and get a new pair of eye glasses . at first i was like . is she gonna be mad at me or something ? but she didnt . phew :] haha and so . when ate julianne came . she told me to come with her to the national bookstore . couz she wants a new pocket book . addict XD haha and so . i kind of got a glimpse of the new cover of princess diaries again XD and so i told mikee and she pulled me back to national bookstore xD haha and so . we now have conclusions it is either we follow that book cover or the old one :]


free daii at last ! well supposed to be i was gonna fetch spongebob yesterdaii . but . i didnt have the chance to . and so . todaii is the perfect day . but i guess i didnt wake up early enough XD haha xD when i woke up and looked at my itouch which was located outside the room it was 7:3o something ! O.O panic mode ! i was so shocked ! O.O well i like rushed through the air ! XD joke . i like took a bath xD and when i looked at the time it was 7:43 not fast enough ! O.O after that i got everything i needed . rushed downstairs . muffled my teeth and got sermons of my habit of putting all my things in my pocket . well i hate bringing small bags and stuff . and so . i was like . go me ! and i like rushed also on the way to hikos house ! i like told him i wanted him to come . and so super walk ! . i got to his place at 8:o4 ? not fast enough ! adrenaline ! i need air ! no i need to speed up ! and so . while on the way to school i was really thinking hard and biting my lips actually . well i now realize that i am somehow afraid of being late . maybe it comes with my nature of being shy . dunno . bianca is always late to school . nevermind . and so . when i got there teacher chris was actually later than me ! O.O i like payed to ganda.tirjir [teacher mich] and i was like so totally bummed out also . well you were in a hurry and all that to find out that the person you actually need to pay unto is actually much more late than you [super annoyed] and so it doesnt show . i just played patapon out of my annoyance . well on the way home [well to hikos place really] we like walked with annaflor . and she like needed to go back home couz her slippers were kind of destroyed xD oh yeah our topic was about ela week . and when she left hiko was so totally teasing me . and out of all my annoyance that day . i kind of showed him i was annoyed at him rather than the other thing that happened to me . well it was later when we parted ways when i realized it was really just hunger . lack of sleep and annoyance . argh ! im so stupid x.x well i cant really do much to change thing . but i feel so awful :[ and so . we have recollection tomorrow . hope it'll be a success :] and i know i wont have a glimpse of hiko tomorrow :[ but even so . i just want to say how much i love him and i would do anything for him :] love you :] and im still awfully sorii of my behavior :[



techno girl

computer time is almost free today :]] well i finished mine long time ago . we just finished the quiz . well basically computer is now really has the quizzes i will not fail . basically like sir mike said . html are for grade schoolers . and now i agree . well visual basic and microsoft access is much more difficult than this topics . well basically ive been studying about html since about grade 4 ? haha not sure . but im sure . i really got to understand computer since i first used it . haha . well share . it was my uncle who first connected me to the internet . haha . i used to remember that we used to have dial up xD urban poor xD and i even used to play on the disney channel site xD haha . well i was a kid . didnt know that the web was wider than i have ever imagined . well share . the first time i saw computers was at tita's office [tita next door] haha i uesd to be with her during saturdays of my life until i got to transfer here in dla . well share . a few moments ago before the quiz in computer . my last conversation with anthea was about my life really . i just compared my life from manila vs. cavite and my life in dla vs. hhis . well ill share what i said xD well ever since i became a dla student i became a ultimate sloth . i understand almost all of my lessons but i dont exert much effort in helping myself . well heres a comparison of don bosco vs. dla [marga] english [don bosco] : 87 english [dla] : 77 you see ? that is one of the things that really made me down when i was first year . well i want to cry remebering this . i even got a high grade also when i was grade 6 . that was the reason why i am here now . well obviously . i really dont know what happened to me . i feel awful . i had a perfectly nice life before . look at me now ? a loser . a loner at school . maybe from time to time i may get to do stuff interesting but look at me now ? ive been looking for leisure . maybe that is the reason why i cant balance my life . i stay up almost all night just to fill myself with happiness . which causes a lot of time mismanage [log off comp room]



[: curie :]

wow . its been a long time since ive blogged x.x well i missed it :] so anyways . ive got lots to say xD so anyways todaii is saturdaii . and i feel wasted . well basically i was planning on going to vb , but i remembered the night before that they were going to lpsaa because of the vb boys . so anyways . todaii i am finally talking to my sister whom of which wasnt talking to me since exactly last week o.O wow o.O i noticed that just now . so anyways . yesterdaii we watched "KANSER" in sm southmall :] it was kinda cool x] well sisa is so kewwl !!!!!!! (rock) but i feel pity and depressed about her fate . i actually want to read now . haha so anyways . i feel lazy xD haha ive always been ? XD im so bad xD haha so anyways . today is officially blaggable XD so ill just share the whole day xD morning . i got up early and finished early ? o.O which is unusual . so i just went to school earlier than the harrellians . so when i got to school . i really didnt expect to find hiko on the corridor . so i was finding someone who would go to the covered court xD i hate the covered court XD haha i hate it so much ! xD i am still traumatized by my knee xD haha so anyways i got lolo to do it for me so anyways i know he would be shocked and so psychology [and instinct] win xD so patapon mode . well i was still on patapon mode even after hiko left x]] well it was just so fun that i can do some stuff hiko cant do xDDDD so anwyays we parted ways :[ i really hate that part of communication with other human beings [speaking as if an an unidentified flying object xD] well im typing while lying on my back . well im the type of person [typer] who doesnt need to look at what he/she is typing XD so anyways when we got to the room we were like aarent we gonna leave ? so anyways i just continued playing . well it was only then when i realized hannah was with me . and she was amazed xD haha i let her play . but she really cannot understand the beat xD hahahahaha xD so anyways . as ususal i let hazel use my itouch . well i am kinda used to letting others use my itouch . i cant resist xDD so anyways hannah is a pushy person so i let her play until we got to the van . well we got separated . so i got the psp . so anyways im at the back and she is on the front seat so anyways anyhow . i got to the stage i cannot put up against x.x haha up to now xD haha ill just ask hiko tomorrow . so anyways curie was on sharing mode . i was listening . pretending to be super focused but really i got to that level for how many times already (¬.¬) so i was listening intently well it is kinda fun being curie . only i know in myself i am really left out in that 4 sided uniquelaterall room and oh yeah when we got to sm southmall we were dropped on the wrong side of sm southmall . so we had to walk to the other side . it was fun ! :] really :] so anyways when we got to the movie section of the mall i just seated myself on the floor . well basically where would i sit ? XD so anyways when i did i just opened my psp and i played it until the battery got drained haha hannah thought i was joking about it . so anyways anyhow when we got inside i tried to open it and it worked ! but it got drained again and hannah got worse xD haha so anyways the play started :] and yeah it was tragicomedy and VERY real . well sis [ido] got her brain messed up when her child was accued of being a theif . well i is knd of a real tear jerker . good thing tears didnt run down this time :] so anyways i also like crisostomo ibarra . he is so noble . only he was stuck in between two . his love for his own country and the country he lived in for more than a year or so [i forgot how long] haha share ! most of the girls of curie think padre salvi looked attactive . well i wasnt . i was attracted to maria clara xD she was so stunning :]] she is also a singer ! wow ! i so totally love her ! haha and oh yeah i ADORE ! crispin and basilio !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahmahgash ! they are so cute ! :} but only they got a bad fate :[ its so bad :[ haha so anyways there was a 1o minute interval whom of which i didnt stand up . i dont need to go to the cr anyways . so there i was talking to my seatmate telle :] well share i now have 3 definition of cute :] clarr :] hannah :] and telle :] well they really are :] :] but i really like clarr :] :] :] so anyways i let hannah use my cellphone and people were complaining my cellphone was so loud xDDDD see what i mean by stereo cellphone ? XDD haha so anyways she even transferred runaway on my cellphone so she can play it . well she needs to store battery for her cellphone while me on my psp x.x so anyways she had an improvision while i dont . x.x that seems unfair x.x well anyways i just let her :] im used to being a masochist . well kath called for me . and i forgot what we talked about but i was sure she used me as a cover from the stupid big light . well basically it was so bright and she was so sleepy . and so winnie told me to sit down because the play was about to start again . so anyways the play is really memorable now :]] know why ? :]] couz i got struck by the bang xDDDDDDDD it was adrenaline rushing xD my heart beat faster xD haha and so my psp was totally drained xD it couldnt bring back life anymore xD so anyways we got out about quarter to 2 and we need to leave at 2 and it was unfair that we only have a small amount of time for food ! so our plans of having curie in one resto got busted . and oh yeah hazel was annoyed with arjone that day because of the resto thing and only to find out they would make up that afternoon also . oh yeah back to the story . well curie ended up going to different stores . well heres a list i can remember : starbucks . sbarro [earl said sharro xDDDD] DQ [by me] and greenwich . oh yeah people who ordered in greenwich [including me] needed to wait for the order . so inshort they were still making the food . how annoying . so anyways faith was panicing . well a lot of people were calling and texting . 2 calls ? or 3 ? i cant remember . haha so anyways with the thought of having to eat the food in the van and also to find out that we were given 3o minutes after when we got to school that we can eat at the room . and oh yeah my tummy was oh so totally destroyed that day . faith said my tummy got stressed . poor tummy . oh yeah while on the van curie were complaining again xD and im just so totally listening to them again . and oh yeah i was seated next to faith when all of a sudden she burps oh so loud ! XDDD haha and i so totally laughed out loud xD haha and oh yeah share all of a sudden all of our passing of food ends up being thrown over x.x haha and we now have a new premonition xD that faith has spills during friday xDDD hahaha XDDDD last week she had red paint thrown over her skirt due to our science presentation . xD haha oh yeah share we got to be 3rd place even though almost all of what we did was impromptu xDDD haha it was so kewwl :] i thoroughly wasnt expecting anything . well anyways well this time faith got DQ on her shoe XD haha well my tummy hurts and so i wasnt able to consume all of the contents of the blizzard . and so we got all of these lines of i bblog co ian but only me and angela will surely blog couz we are the only ones blogging i guess ? so anyways just now i checked and she didnt blog . so anyways illl just go see in the next few days if she really will blog it . so anyways curie was like wishing to get a flat tire xD what a weird wish . well they were annoyed with teacher mich only to find out also that she was so drained because of disciplining her tall students xD i feel sad for teacher mich . well she is my favorite teacher this year . she is nice and i respect her . just like a respect teacher aida . and oh yeah curie is now beginning to enjoy teacher chris's company . and got worried if she was angry at us because we got late :[ i feel bad and oh yeah after that 3o minute break we found out tha we didnt need to have classes anymore . well basically sir glenn had to go to a meeting with the ap department . well he would stay until 7 well i fe;t kinda sad for him . and oh yeah i still want sir glenn to be our teacher in ap . well basically i feel he is a father already . is it a sin to find a father on another peroson when your own father is not present ? like a substiture . well basically i now know why i am really in the need of having a boyfriend . well basically i need a father image . i need a male image in my life . look at me . like cinderella with her evil step sisters only mine with nice and real sisters . haha so anyways we dont have any subjects to take up that day , so we totally beat the record of mendel of the same day :P haha well i know other sections or tirjir got first claa and we dont and we dont have our last 2 subjects . i dont know if we are the only ones so anyways i personally asked sir glenn . well basically i came from the comfort room and i saw people talking to sir glenn so i just went to him and waited if i could get a chance to talk to him . haha and so oh yeah sir lino MADE us check the test papers on math . well as usual boring stuff well after the math stuff curie took pictures . well its been a while since i posed infront of the camera . well i havent been myself lately . i dont take pictures i dont focus i dont live for todaii nor tommorow . i feel like a waste , but anyways i had fun with curie todaii , and oh yeah at the end of the day bentz was spiking an improvised ball . haha and so curie parted ways i dont know if iwas the one to get out of the room but i really wanted to go out . well basically i realy wanted to see hiko . i really miss him . and so he invited me to go to mamii meann's going away party [leave] *slash* baby shower well basically i was waiting for roentgen of my batch . well i guess they were busy . or maybe they didnt know . i guess i should tell them sometime next week . well maybe because we are third years and we need to get on with life . we are getting older . and so when i saw mamii i wanted to hug her but had my second thoughts . i miss mamii . and the big room we had . it was so cool having a lot of place . well when i was prishir i just sit where ever i want and its possible xD we even lie down . haha and so i wish mamii a happy healthy baby girl :] even though i wished it was a baby boy x.x so anyways that afternoon i was supposed to wait with hiko his dad . but his dad got too late for times sake and i needed to go home . well i noticed that walking could be an possibility . and it just so happens my good friend christine quintans passed by and i was like hey lets go together . we were supposed to take the tricycle but there were none available and so we walked . we had lots of good topics and when we got to the main street of town and country i like saw hikos dad and my eyes got bigger and i looked away x.x well is it my fault my mind threw me a thousand thoughts at the same time . well his dad was looking at me so i guess a thousand thoughts came peircing through my head . and so next thing i knew hiko was getting out of the car and running towards us . wow . we are fast walkers xD well kath bentz janice and gen obviously are not ! well i like walking fast . it feels better but exhausts me when i have a good story to tell and if im in the mood of sharing facts . well and so . my day ends . wow what a long blog for one single day xD haha goodluck to all my readers xD haha and oh yeah i love the look of the hoshipon on patapon Üv i think another one of my addiction x,x patapon x.x



♥.icons from comp class xD.♥

oh romeo, oh romeo, wherefore art thou romeo ? deny thy father . and refuse thy name . if thou shalt not . for ill no longer be a capulet ♥♥♥

put cursor on top of emoticons :]




[Everything I am about to blog is written in paper x] i mean it everything]

[Sept 14]

[rm 4o1 filipino panimulang gawain time]
wow . i finally have an object to write my blog alos xD so anyways . this object was supposed to be a journal . so anyways i realized that when filipino is first subject i tried to write down on scrath papers and not mind my world with her . well basically i still dont like her . well share . this morning . i got to walk with teacher dhel . well basically ive always liked her but she always likes to call me "Margarette" rather than marga x]] well we were laughing on the way to school . well she ppaid for my transpo also :] how sweet :] so anyways oh yeah . i dont have a necktie XD so i like have to wear this borrowed jacket i am wearing the whole day x[ so another story was when it was flag ceremony . my attention got caught upp aian . well . my attention got stuck with Lamarck and teacher roda . well i miss her and i feel jelous of the lamarck this year *

[rm 4o1 filipino reading "Sa Bagong Paraiso"]
wow ! what a cool story . at least now she caught my attention . the story is "Sa Bagong Paraiso" wow i can relate :] but im scared of the fact that i am have a possibility of it x[ and i guess i really need to have self control . i dont know if i would have same fate . well they story is nearly close . grr . i hate having these all of a sudden lessons making my head think more *

[rm 4o1 RHGP aftershock of the test]
ahmahgash ! well out of the blue feel . well basically we didnt know we would have this . "Thurstone test of Mental Alertness" thing . well im not in the mood so i just kept on answering . well i didnt answer all of them . obviously it says in the direction skip lines :P i dont care eh eh eh eh eh x] x]] xD xDD im so random *

[rm 4o1 ELA in between the seatwork.xD]
i admire teacher aida :] *

[cafetirea DLA molino]
well i didnt eat today . must be euthanasia . ill do water treatment ? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . water treatment that is *

[cr 2nd floor high school building]
wow xD people are washing their faces at schoo due to pimples xD haha so i went to janice's side and when she was done i was like kewwl ! ive never experienced washing my face at school XD so here i am staring at my dimples and teasing others i dont have pimples XD its become a habit no xD teasing others i dont have pimpes *

[rm 4o1 chem just after tle time]
wow that was fun Ü i got to be with RR [ronnie] hannah . pat C and anthea Ü well im really not familiar . it is my first time to be really with RR . i never got to talk to him . only just now *

[rm 4o1 math aftershock of the test TT.TT]
TT_____________________TT :'[[ X[[ X'[[ waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i cant believe it TT.TT im so careless TT/TT if im not careless i shouldve passed that quiz TT.TT i really want to cry TT.TT happy sleeping ? :]] :'] :'[

[Sept 15]
[not posting]

[september 16]

[rm 4o1 filipino not listening to a word teacher chris is saying xD]
well basically im sleepy . i need energy haha i wasted almost all my energy last night on patapon and my head wont turn off because i got LSS x]] xDDD haha so anyways im just gonna restart . forgive me Üv so anyways i go to evolve them wrong x.x well basically i copied what hiko did . but he didnt tell me its wrong x.x i miss hiko :[ its not good to have glimpses and short periods of time . i noticed that from ti
me to9 time i find myself wondering and wanting to be with him . i still dont know if this is a dream come true or an infatuation . hopefully no *

[rm 4o1 eshtatishtics]
i hate akuma ! baka ! *

[rm 4o1 chem and health . basically we have on teacher and they are intervals]
i just finished making the reaction paper on "I am Scientist" and all of a sudden my mind remembered the time xtine fab and kevin eusebio were there , it made me lonely . cosidering the fact i am alone . chances are i am x]]well i am a loser . so anyways oh yeah share ! its health time again and im not listening again . oh yeah im dreaming . fatasizing really . dream house ? XD i wont listen . i dont like topic when my classmates are laughing too much . i was visualizing again XD well it is kinda cool XD i want the biggest room on my house would be the cr XDD so cool XDD it is kinda big for a small girl like me XD i visualize the bathroom of Harry Potter on the movie goblet of fire and candles somewhere around . only with bigger space and it surroundings a lot wider XDD wow ! that would be so expensive with the pipes XD wow ! honto nii kawaii Ü !i suddenly wang "again" the scent of vanilla Ü *

[rm 4o1 last subject on the last moment XD]
well i feel drained x/x i already ate luch !!!!!!!!!! TT_____TT so unfair im so sleepy TT_____TT im teary eyed *



self actualization mode ?

[: NP: So Hot - wonder girls :]

ive got one whole day to blog in doodles . i dont have anything to do x.x well basically i dont have anyone to talk to and hiko is nowhere near communication xD i want to play patapon but he wont let me TT.TT oh yeah I'm on itouch mode . and with tita out of the house . I'm like blogging sound3ppn and eating powdered milk xD . well its almost gone anyways x.x and I'm dead hungry x.x so anyways share . insan downloaded a lot of object on my computer again .but this time its a bunch of rc cheats x.x dont worry im not using it x.x dont want to . so anyways haha . I'm not using it xD I'm using it for someone else >xD :]] =]] x]] >x]] so anyways I'm liking 2ne1 and wonder girls :] i dont cah eh eh eh eh eh >x} and I'm so hot >x} >x}} so my tounge can now officially follow Korean xD I'm getting crazier ever second xD so anyways . I want to be buried again x.x I'm bored again x.x well on occasions like this I feel fat x.x honestly x.x is it because its me or is it my weight ? or do just look fat to myself ? TT.TT I feel reckless again x.x so anyways . here I am again with the need of a new self actualization time x.x never let you down ? xD np xD so anyways . I need self actualization time again x.x maybe now is the time x.x I'll blog later x.x



hues :]

a simple blog to tell you i feel awkward at room 4o1 . i seem like an alien . more alien than earvin sabado . i dont feel like them . i dont need to worry , im not the only one who feels for curie . oh yeah my new color is green & pink :] i dont know but i feel also light with the 2 along with blue :] well red didnt last long xD so anyways i like the color combinations . but im more on blue and green . im still subsiding pink . still finding a way to put yellow in my kelidoscopic world xD yellow is for spongebob i mean :] oh yeah green symbolizes my frog and turtles & blue is still marga :] blue is still my favorite since i dont know when x] since birth ? XD blue is marga . the quiet & peaceful one :] i can go purple or sumthing but i still cant make myself . so anyways orange will NEVER be my color ! NEVER!!!!! i hate orange :-& grrr . and oh yeah . im reviving brown in my life :] brown symbolizes furry creatures for me :] like my hairy dogs :] and my dead hamstuurs xD x]] (lmao) my gawwd xD i also want a dog just like my sister does . but only she can save more money x.x gawwd . life is so unfair for me . so whatever life may bring i need to pay xD so anyways iiison is now officially not minding spongebob anymore :] wiih :] like iiison is not minding me while im here typing with spongebob on my lap :] wiih . im in love with microbits now xD . its someway relaxing :] its fun :]



outline ?

[written on paper : geom]

i miss being classmates with xtine fab ! x.x well i just noticed . well basically . i miss playing with her hair x] haha its not my fault it became a habit xD and since we've been friends her hair was like that :] well i really like the fact that kevin eusebio feels the same x] only he liked her even before her hair was like that :] awww :] nice one kevin xD he pulles her hair in a nice way :] and plays around :] haha so now im jelous xD x[ stupid marga x[ i always dreamt of that x.x dunno why xD so here i am not answering my math problems xD with the two of them being randomly being in my head x]]

[not on paper]

so here i am telling you that because of exclamation point [its up to you know what that is xD] i get to go around and bear abdominal pains again (annoyed) grrr ! i really hate these abdominal pains x.x so i dont get to write during ap and geom because of mood problems xD so anyways because of mood problems i dont want to right ? XD i got 74 in ap because i wasnt in the mood to write xD and i almost didnt answer math because im really not in the mood xD rawr . so anyways second time ! i got another 91 in pe ! wooh ! so its not my problem teacher shyla doesnt hate me now xD haha she totally doenst like me last year xD well its not my fault she didnt provide us yellow headbands x.x so anyways she also didnt this year x.x so anyways share . im still clumsy as ever x.x xD i officially tumbled times xD xD well i remember when i was pirshir xD ilah used to sing clumsy xD couz she know i am clumsy xD haha well i really am xD ! so anyways here i am stupidly bending my legs and bearing 2 pains xD my abdomen and my knees xD it just so happens the opposite from the one i had last january xD last palaro xD i cant forget that day xD so anyway share ! XD when i came to the clinic [thank god ! pe is next to our recess xD] i was like "here i am again" xD hahaha and when nurse dano asked me what happened i was like "nadapa . . . NANAMAN" X]] XD hahaha xD so anyways im really a clinic person xD [exept when i was in harrell . i dont know why but i wasnt prone that time . but i was a clinic person when i was in don bosco and woodridge . weird xD] so anyways here i am back to old habits xD but only i have scars now TT.TT my mom used to say my body has the nicest legs [against the other 2 tres marias] because when i was younger [and until now] my body recovers from all the clumsiness i do and does NOT leave marks ! how about last january ? TT.TT its still there TT.TT waaa TT.TT i need to really learn how to be graceful and not be clumsy x.x but im not built to be one x.x gawwd stupid dainty body x.x at least im not fat :P no pimples :P and passively flexible :P :] go self-esteem ! xD wow first time this month xD i really need self-actualization now that i have exclamation point x.x



happy birthday :] 29.3o.o6 d[^-^]b

express it in both ways or the other but it is birthday :] haha . i feel my birthday and our birthday xD [well i cant explain] hmm i feel its our birthday and monthsarii in one daii xD [un!!!!!!!!!!xD] haha im so bad with words xD so anyways lets start from the very start xD so anyways . today is september 5 well last night i was on passive mode . i let hiko do all the deciding for himself . well maybe because i was too pre-occupied about journ x]] so anyways . because of journ i got to sleep 12 . well because of him really xD so anyways todaii i get to wake up earlii because i need to be with curie . even the fact that i slept for about 12 some others woke up their usual late . its unfair that we waited for them for about an hour and it wasnt nice . so anyways we were first like lets go play 1 2 3 pass xD hahaha xD so i had fun xD kind of xD it was me and eira who were the fittest xD hahaha so anyways lef was there memorizing while everyone else are working on their own world xD hahaha xD haha so anyways after that i borrowed clar's psp . so i had something to do . haha oh yeah . donna and clar were wearing the same thing xD x]] hahaha that was so fun :] they only had diffrent colors . well they both said they couldnt think of any dress to wear xD haha soulmates ? so anyways some of my rich classmates had to like go to sm bacoor to buy stuff for the props . its not my fault they are very rich xD hahaha x]] so about 12:05 i got a miss call . and a message that hiko was in mini stop already . and i announced that i had to go . haha i announced infront of mamam face smiling at his phone xD as if i care xD i dont do phones xD i always go to his house if i want to have fun xP haha so anyways before leaving i was like to clar ill go see her in atc . haha [fast forward : i saw her but she didnt see me xD] haha so anyways while on the way out of palm grove i saw my classmate who just came from sm bacoor xD so anyways when i got to mini stop i just stood outside the door x]] :]] =]] know why ? x]] =]] :]] couz i cant open it =]] x]] :]] =]] :]] x]] hahaha ! so anyways i just signaled for him to go out =]] :]] x]] haha so anyways when he came out the first thing he asked me [as i can recall] where do we catch a ride ? and i was like what ! ? o.O you seriously dont know ? o.O and he was dead serious ! and it was so unbelieveable o.O [to me] couz he like always get to ride on a car -_- rich person x]] haha xD so anyways i was really in the mood for talking todaii xD i seriously had a lot of stories to tell and a lot of words to discuss xD well comment he is a good listener :] seriously speaking . only he doesnt like to comment much x.x so anyways while on the way we were supposed to get a ride in camella [van] but the green cab we were riding didnt stop so we just took the ride on sm molino [gold cab ?] so anyways my back was kinda wet xD haha so he like said we should have just took the ride on the van . but i was like . nevermind it . its alright . so anyways when we got there i seriously didnt know what to do haha . so i asked him . and he like told me he needed to use the bathroom xD hahaha x] im so bad blogging this but i feel like doing so xP so anyways i know the reason why xD its because outside of the rest rooms is the cute shop full of goodies :] well spongebob was there well at first i was like this will be the only spongebob i will see that daii xD but spongebob was haunting me xD hahaha x]] i love spongebob xD haha x]] so anyways we walked around . searching for anything i can find for our lunch well we kind of went around atc xD haha xD he kept on asking me on every diner passed by x]] so when i told myself enough i pointed on something i didnt expect . yellow cab . well that was weird . honestly . and he bought food from that place o.O which is really expensive really o.O honestly they import their good food from nyc ! o.O that was really weird for me . i remember kath just making delivers when buying yellow cab o.O gawwd im surrounded by rich people TT.TT is it my fault im urban poor TT.TT haha . i miss yellow cab . haha but i told him lets just eat it on the movie . oh yeah we were going to watch up :] so i dont get to see the way it looked like x]] so anyways . we went back to where we came from really xD so anyways when we go to buy tickets . he like asked if i want pop corn [which he knows i do] but i didnt know we were going to buy the big one ! o.O so anyways i just let him be . well im not used to go large stuff xD couz i only eat small amounts of food xD well i am small xD i dont know if i could get any bigger . so we have 30 minutes more until the movie . so we like stayed out for a while . heres a pic of everything we have to eat :

so im like not used to such things . look ! its big ! even the tumbler is ! o.O so anyways we like talked about him being metrosexual and blah blah blah and so we entered the cinema so UP is kewwl :] i liked it :] past and present theme again . well basically i want people to be like that and forget about the past . i really dont live for the past . well i liked the effects :] gah ! ill just make a movie review later . so anyways it was fun :] i seriously liked it :] so after that we decided to go see the activity area [for jabawokeez] and so my enochlophobicness strikes back . so i just told him lets not watch anymore . im not in the mood anymore xD haha *me ganun ?* x]] =]] :]] haha xD so anyways here we go againg looking through shoppes and gift stuff so i like saw kathleen and sir erbert's cute name tag ! grr i want one of those and he know i does so it seems unfair so he just bought it again for me [1] and so we walked around and went to national bookstore . well i guess he isnt used to staying in a long place . me and kath do that when in national . well its not our problem we like doing that and we take our time . we actually like you know >XP haha so anyways we like got out . and went to the shop that i was looking at when he went to the rest rooms x.x bad sign . he wants to spend money . well i feel like im wasting his money i feel bad . well basically im not used to people doing that to me . tempting me and buying it for me . well it is cute ! and oh yeah . i will go and save money for the cute umbrella there . so anyways he like bought spongebob ! the one haunting my mind xD hahaha x] haha all of a sudden i make it official that i love spongebob [2] xD haha and oh yeah we bought pins of yoyo and cici and cute stars [3&4] :] wiih :] so anyways heres a pic of spongebob junior x]] =]] :]] =]] :]] =]] :

haha its microbits so mikee wont have to kill me in borrowing doggy bone [her microbitted dog x]]] x]] =]] :]] =]] :]] =]] so anyways its official i love spongebob :] but i love hiko better :] haha its his line i revised x]] so anyways i love you so much :] happy birthday literally happy birthday to us now :] 5 months YOUNG taio x] less than 3 :] infinity :] oh yeah bye bye din si spongebob :] edit co ian aa !

oh yeah one cute invented pic :]



loser seat

blogging . well guess what ? i actually wrote this down on paper x] haha well new month new quarter new life new attitudes new challenges new seat plan -_- well i cant stand not talking about it xD heres a pic of it :

well you can already guess where i am right ? the loser seat ! yiis yiis ! look im small astigmatistic goosebump-prone loser . well look im like next to the stupid air con and of which i cant complain to the person who holds the name of curie . i also dont have anyone to talk to x.x im a born loser x.x im not even close with my seatmate x.x

[not on paper]

well i was kinda wrong with the seatmate thing . my seatmate was kinda nice and is kinda like me x]] hahahahaha ! x]]]]]]]] so anyways heres a story . it was ela time . and i we like checked our homeworks from last week that teacher aida didnt know that is our homework . but we successfully made the homework into a seatwork x] so anyways we were like this . first . hannah [my seatmates other seatmate] answered and t aida like asked "whose book is that ?" and eira answered quickly :"she borrowed her book" and my heart like sped ! x]]] ! hahahaha ! and second scenario : teacher aida asked who got perfect . and i like raised my hand without checking who were also . and i was shocked and looked at t aida when she said "only one ?" like this -> O_O ! hahaha ! and t aida was also like "who checked your papers" and like the first eira answered quickly : "hannah checked her papers" marga :*faints* hahahaha ! that was so scary ! xD my poor heart x]]]]] hahahaha ! x]]]] and eira like said . "kelangan nga talaga magexchange" x]]]]]] ! whatta period ! x]]]] ! so much adrenaline x]]]] ! hahaha ! x]]] ! ;]] laugh trip xD so anyways i GOT TO DO ELEPHANT !!!!!!!!!!!! WOOH ! 91 !!!! well basically its my first time to get a high grade from t shyla o.O honestly speaking . im so proud of myself with elephant :] i want to take a pic all of a sudden x] haha wooooooohhhhhhhh ELEPHANT !! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH !!! (worship) xD im being crazy again x] i forgot to plurk that x] haha . ill go with them now :] see yah :] :* good luck with me with my seatmates xD X]]]]]]



one month already ? o.O

wow o.O i cant believe that i already 1 month of blogging o.O and wow I can't believe in that past month I have some people really read my blogs :] I love you guys :] free hugs again x] after i have laboured for the quest in finding true self actualization . . . . . . . I am not yet successful :]] =]] x]] haha so anyways I hope that you may join me in this long journey :] [I'll put this on my dénouement :]] =]] x]] ] so anyways looking back at that one month I feel like this is a gift from above that I have learned how to do so . well basically this small peice of prose [long actually x] ] is my day to day listener . but actually now that I know xD I am already sharing my life unto my audience :] my friends :] and my listeners readers :] so anyways . I dont blog other's secret . I'm still my forever shy secret keeper :] I promise I am . I know I am . exept when provoked by the person who told me the secret x[ so :] dont be afraid to express like me on this kind of prose :] this prose is actually helpful x] if I dont want to directly say what I feel unto a person sometimes I just say go visit my blog x]] :]] =]] august is really very enchanted for me :] haha so anyways I'll go to sleep early x] my tooth hurts again TT.TT so evil . so anyways free hugs to those reading I love you guys :* soo much :]



my 15th birthday :]

im dizzy but its worth it :]

well i woke up today with the usual thought of the day . this time its weird x] "whats the date ? x]" like what ! x] :]] =]] well basically i really wasnt counting on anything todaii . on the account i didnt get anything for my birthday from papa .what more do i need to expect ? like hello ? my first thing my sister told me after i went out of the room was this: "go buy eggs" LiKE WHAT ?! i like so dont care to hell . well after that i went back to the room . i was like . its really not august 3o . it was a real slap in the face . like not caring in the world its my birthday . grrr x.x and the next thing i did was tried again my usual self actualization . which was sadly unsuccesful . well what else could i do . im a dumb loser . my sister made my do an errand at my very birthday after my wakening . well anyways when i got up and went downstairs my first greeting from my tita was this : "go mop the floor" well this time i did so . well i cant help . im really depressed by this time . well i moped the floor like cinderella . my head bowed like im infront of a dowager princess . and still sleepy x.x well as punishment i got the floor all wet >:] >:P im not happy >:[ so anyways after doing so i sat down the stairs because the floor was all wet . well i was also watching iiison watching mcdo [take note ! mcdo and not barney anymore . but she still does] so anyways i got bored so i like went upstairs and i felt like reading a book . so i red sis's book [the host which i totally forgot about] so i like read it . its kinda cool :] but im not done yet couz a few minutes after the phone rang [im the only person here who gets these calls] so as expected its hiko . so he called to greet me . well i think he thought that im the one online couz my skype automatically opens after the computer opens . so sure go figure if its me xp so anyways it was a short call so after i hang up i continued reading . and while doing so tita called me to help her with the cooking . at first i was like . you are so looking at the wrong person . well basically michaella is a cook . but i didnt know it was actually about baking so sure . ill go ahead . well to be honest im kinda scared of the results . but after doing so i saw it was actually good :] the result :] so anyways my tita was like i should also make the other one :] . oh yeah . i requested we make lasagna when she asked me days ago . so she also used the oven along with the brownies . well i was really kind of liking that :] and after baking . i was like . i had a sudden memory come through my head . i remember sis and i talking about pistachios on the nearest birthday . which was actually yesterdaii didnt have any pistachios . i randomly said out "i want pistachios" *with shock on face* x] haha i looked weird x] -> O.O :]] =]] x]] :]] =]] x]] and oh yeah in the intervals of the baking stuff i kept on washing the plates . well that was fun i was busy todaii . well i dont know why but i thoroughly liked it :] honestly :] so anyways after sharing my random thought on pistachios . i like went back on reading . after a few minutes my half sister just came [why wont they let me finish the book x.x] so anyways i let her use the comp [ahm im not using it x] ] so anyways she was like lets go to sm . at first i was like not in the mood for sm . downright . well basically i was supposed to go there yesterdaii with hiko . but it was cancelled so im not in the mood going there . so i just placed my book on the table and went to pic clothes . well its against my will to use sleeveless but ive got no choice . x.x so anyways i just used my bolero . so anyways iiison didnt want to come with us . so it was me my half sister [ate gale] and her son [brent] :] well brent and iiison are playmate and share . iiison is brent's aunt . well basically brent is much heavier than iison but iiison is one month older . but iiison is more advanced on speaking because brent still doesnt know how to speak . so anyways we went to sm southmall . i was half expecting a miracle to happen and let my hiko come to me x] but i know im not too animated if i do so x] haha so anyways ate gale told me lots of stories . and i told her lots of mine also . it was kinda cool :] having someone listen to your stories and someone to tell theirs :] so anyways i was really not in the mood to buy i just kept on sharing . well i suddenly thought of conyos and stuff but i cant help it she was talking about dla and stuff . so i remembered my oh so stylish schoolmates and told her the modern conyo . :]] =]] x]] its not my fault they catch my attention and make me proud they are my school mates :] well exept the emos x[ i am so not proud of them x[ so anyways we didnt sucessfully find the cute pants that match the conyos so all of a sudden she sees these bags . and she asks me if i want . and i was like "i dont know x]" im so playful with my self these days x] so anyways i was like i want jansport at first for her sake i didnt make her buy it . it is expensive really . ill buy those next time i have money x.x i really like those things x.x so anyways we bought a cose bag :] im fine with it . but i cant entirely process my vision the other day . which is quite cute :] i really like it :] but i wont blog it :P so anyways we went home . with no hiko in sight . so anyways we went home had another round of stories and i shared i was really overdoing sleep x] i was really having long hours of sleep x] i myself dont even know why x] haha so anyways on the way home . we also bought the pistachiols :] well when we came home another round of food trip x] hahaha x] so cheers to another long blog x] which i have missed :] so anyways ill go off (:| im sleepy x]] =]] :]] :] oh yeah thank you to all the special persons who greeted me :] in facebook and plark x]



worthless loser

god ! i can't think straight ! i cant take life :[ god what is happening to me ? am I still even a creature ? i cant memorize my individual speech with all these images flowing through my head :[ I can't stand it :'[ I feel so worthless :'[ I thought that finally someone could finally kill time with me and would actually appreciate it . but now I dont feel anything :[ well tita saw those marks already . and now I am really condemned :[ the only person who would actually let me have what I want would most probably lose trusting me :[ I dont want to be human :[[[[[[[[[ !!!!!!!! I'm getting more and more quiet . good thing [or bad] kath can't determine what it is . I'm so ashamed of myself :[[ bury me alive please :[[ its better than being nothing again . im not being progressive of my time . couz images always scares me . its not a vision . my handwriting is showing what i am thinking of . its the future and the past . the future is kinda jaded . the past haunts me . i cant help but be scared . im still a kid . i still cant be a mature person as everyone dreams to be .




its time to look stupid *bow*

well another loser on site . its me . the condemned loser . well ive got nothing to say really i just felt like typing . i wonder what my mind would lead my fingers to do . well basically im not looking at the screen so bless you if you wouldnt understand . ^-^v well here goes to another round of randomness . well im using michaellas loptop so the keyboard is quite noisy . i just hope no one would wake up :]] im so evil if i do . so i really dont have any care ? not really im just wayy too evil . well share . tita just had a text that we won the bid in ebay :]] haha i get a love spell >:] isnt that cute ? :] hahaha :] ill smell just like sir marvin >:] :]] hahahaha >:]] hahahaha so anyways would we really buy a dress ? o.O i dont feel like buying a dress this weekend [also mondaii] so i really dont know what to expect . no plans for weekend . im going to do what i feel like doing :]] so anyways im being scolded again . this time by the someone who really has to make me x.x gawwd i told you im evil . well anyways im a loser so i take in whatever is being spat on my face . jokes . well anyways i really wonder how people's mind function :]] couz mine is kinda random and follows the state or mood :]] haha share i remember my mom . when somethings that are not very important and it rains . sometimes mom goes lazy and says cancel :]] x]] =]] hahahaha :]] =]] x]] another is when we were supposed to go and watch a celebrity of somewhere and all of a sudden i get this hormonal depression and i told them i wont go :]] x]] =]] gawwd :]] =]] and they said the artists were so good looking x]] =]] :]] well i was like i dont care anymore . as i say to my self blame it on the hormones x]] =]] :]] haha so that is how life is :]] =]] x]] its not my problem if you cant keep up with my random mind and random mood . :] it just so happens others can ;] haha i cant help but be so annoyed with my tummy right now x.x i really dont know why it hurts . im afraid of ulcer . but i cant be . im healthy :P basing from this blog so anyways i really shouldnt :P i love blog crossing :]] x]] haha . i have lots of blogs already x]] haha well anyways i think i should be more healthier x.x gawwd . but i already am ! haha :]] haha thats enough :P so anyways scold me here scold me there . im a real loser x.x just scold me all you want . i guess the keyboard is getting more and more noisier :]] x]]] :]] haha ! such objects are not fit for my personality x.x joke ! according to my psychoanalysis on myself and unto others . i guess there really is such a thing as opposites attract . magnets and whatsoever you call them . i am a quiet loser but i noticed my bestfriend isnt . which is why she needs me x]] =]] :]] and another . is i always attract tall human beings :]] =]] :]] look ohhh !! kuia emman :D angelica :D hiko :] anthea :D besprend [aerold] :] kath :] millie :D marcianne :D and others . well almost all my close friendds are much taller than me :]] even xtine :D got to go :D till next blog :D