so this is the official . Marga Weird facts tab :)


★ I seriously dont know how to smile
. well up to now tita still teases me and tells me i over use a fake smile and look ugly
★ when i over smile . i cant see anything
. is that a part of being chinita ? @.@
★ when i dont smile my nose looks like its artificial
. like you only put my nose on purpose or something @.@
★ my teeth look horrible
. i seriously need to use braces . even if im afraid .
★ my face is square ?
. im seriously not sure what my face's shape really is
★ i only have 1 dimple
. on my right cheek . its awfully weird .
★ i dont have pimples
. only on the rare occasions before i have periods :)
★ there is like a cut or something on my eyebrows
. i dont know what that is but i noticed Vida dearest also has one :)
★ i ALMOST have a cleft chin
. just a small cut or something


★ i dont like opening too much lights
. it may be because i like it dark or im just really not in the mood to open them . *if cr* it may be because i dont want to feel the coolness of the exhaust fan
★ when i open lights to a room i always look away from the room
. i might see bloo or Charlotte or Shomba in the room :))
*important* i pick whatever clothe is on top of my wardrobe
. i seldom pick my clothes . only on rare/special occasions
★ i still nailbite
. when bored . in deep thought . waiting and all that stuff
★ i like my fingernails all long :)
. its really dull when ive got nothing to nail bite :|
*very important* i dont lock the door .
. so you basically have to know first if a creature is inside the room . may it be me or some horrible creature .
*important* i dont like brushing my hair
. you may discriminate me now but there is a real reason . i like someone else brushing my hair for me . not that he's still to brush my hair or something .
★ i like brushing my fingers on other girl's hair .
. i seriously dont know why @.@
★ i almost always have a headache .
. you seriously need to bear with the drama coming out of my brain when that happens
★ im not afraid of grasshoppers but they still freak me out .
. its disgusting to look at them .
★ cockroaches are no problem .
. but when they fly . thats a different story man ~.~
★ i actually like taking care of kids :)
. it may depend as well of course if the kid is a bully . then im a bully as well
★ most of the time when i get sick it has something to do with my tummy
. like vomiting . lbm .
*super duper most important* my eating habits
. if you want to clog down food on my throat if you have to . that'll be difficult . very difficult ulcer


★ I like being with someone taller than me
. I like hugging other people . so maybe that's why my best friends are chubby @.@
★ I like people with long hair
. I go around touching other people's hair
★ maybe people who accept my weirdness
. its really odd to talk to normal human beings . I feel like an alien . maybe I am ?
★ I really appreciate being with people who are very reminding
. esp people who know I am highly forgetful .
★ people who are patient ?
. I tend to always say "wait for me" at an awful lot of times even if I don't want to :(
★ I love being with unpredictable people
. only I don't like the mood changing kind of unpredictable
★ I love being with listeners
. I tell an awful lot of stories . I even tend to repeat them
★ I also love story tellers .
. if a person is a speaker . he/she must also be a good listener (:
★ I don't say everyone has to but I like receiving gifts :))
. I try my awful best to give one in return (:
★ I don't like being with jealous people
. spread the love . don't be selfish . I don't get jealous myself (: only envy :))
★ I love being with music lovers (:
. its a language I use and understand :)
★ I'd love being with sporty
. but i'm still depressed about Kath not wanting me to get all tired and not wanting to teach me how to play volleyball :|
★ I don't care what a person looks like really (:
. will forever believe kindness and beauty are skin deep (:
*most important* I don't ever like the feeling of being lonely
. I don't want to be labeled impatient but . i've waited long enough . i've been waiting for nothing before and now I just don't want to keep