self centered post .

boredom got me posting . well my plans on combing my hair are fail . its tangled and i'm not in the mood to manage it :| it'll end up with a lot of hair fall if I continue this . anyway . Mathplus will start soon and i'm still wondering . how in the world will I wake up and not stay up at 4 in the morning . another problem is the dental thingy . I still got a tooth broken :| and I still haven't had braces . and I dont plans on having one :| My nails look horrible again . i've got them all too long and it all looks horrible again . and my stay at Mendez actually caused me to not use lotion . so my skin is all dry again . my lips are dry as well . at least they aren't chapped anymore :| haha wow am I depressed again ? maybe I kinda am . or just plain sleepy . argh this is getting more and more self centered


*faints from being too self centered*

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