anime ?

I have to admit . I missed watching all these animes . haha . I even watched YuYu Hakusho . my other tabs now are about Saber . man . I miss wasting time on animes . well I guess I still have June to waste time on them . well anyways . I want to watch these animes now/again :) I guess this will be a temporary sensation again . I hope . I wouldn't want to waste time downloading all those things . well I only have now to waste my time on it . when the calendar moves to July . I need to let go of all these temporary vices . DDtank and animes I mean . I really want to use my time on something at least . but I guess i'm still wasting them . I don't want to be plastic but I want to watch them still . but I still will study French . its funny . I still kinda know their names . and I still find them cute and addictive . btw . the net here still sucks . even if I am the only person using the net . I still find their internet very annoying . I can't even buff one video . shalalalala clap clap clap this is annoying . waiting . buffing . waiting . buffing . FTW ! look what just happened

this is just so great . so great :| ill try waiting if I can until either the cord disconnects or I feel sleepy

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