I've been thinking of what to do :) well i've been nothing but bored lately . so now I want to start making plans for college :) and how I am going to spend money on college . I get the feeling I need to be more spendthrift by that time . well I just want to bullet what I am going to save money for . bullet post :)

★ Tickets for HP7 part 2 priority
★ Casio Silver Calculator . I get the feeling i would still encounter i :)
★ A new pair of Chucks :) i want a bright yellow/orange one like my neon pink . a pair :)
★ A plain green/orange Jansport :)
★ Some accessories for Macbook Goddess .
★ A gift or two for Kathleen ?
I know blogging this is seriously self centered . but I just need to keep my hand firm on what I am supposed to plan on and keep my word :) i've been nothing but bored these days . but I have been a bit successful on some of my plans . but most of the time DDtank comes in the way . but still I still did get to learn a bit of the French language . and I am now more comfortable using my left hand in writing but still have my right hand writing look good :) I still want to improve myself . I want to be a better person . or at least . I want to be worthy for anyone . I now believe change is very possible . :) who wouldn't ? I suddenly will become an engineer . who would've thought that was possible ? :) or the fact that I could just let go of my UST dreams and go to Mapúa ? well enough of UST . I feel completely changed :) I love what I am now :) but there are still empty holes on me . I still feel incomplete . as though someone is supposed to be there and cheer me or something . but I realize i've got nothing . no one to share this happiness with . i've got some friends yes . but they have their own problems to worry about . im just a waste of their space . anyways . gotta run . off to bed . this blog is too dramatic . damn it marga


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