unexpected dream

i'm so sorry for not blogging for days . man . except last night . the blog pushed through . anyways . the reason I haven't been blogging is that . we always go out a lot . or DDtank has all of my attention due to the slow internet . so anyways I wish I don't end up deleting this one as well or i'll just re type this kind of start all over again :| so ill try to narrate the things I have done during the holy week :) oh wait . I want to blog about my dream last night first . well anyway I seriously didn't expect to have a dream last night . it is somewhat associated with my blog last night @.@ damn me . so anyways my dream was kinda messy . I was with my cousins . we were out on another adventure . on my way home my other home I decided to walk . all of a sudden other people were walking as well . most of the time when I walk no one else walks at Meadowville . all of a sudden I recognized him walking somewhere in front of me . so i skipped past him . it was weird . considering I wanted to run . I just stupidly skipped around Meadowville . so he had the chance of following me and actually walked past me again . after he did I got so damn tired I fell on the floor . he helped me get up but I brushed him off . even if I was so damn tired I tried to run . but he was by my side effortlessly running with me . I got so mad I banged the gate on his face . i'm evil right ? but he opened it yet again effortless . I hate it when he does that . all my effort gone to waste couz of his enormous strength . I am such a weakling :| I only like that part of him when he does that for me not against me . i hate myself for being such a weakling . I dont have anyone to help me anymore :| I feel so alone now . damn . ill post about the holy week in a new post . can't bear this drama .


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