ok so ill bullet post what I have done this holy week :) I hope I remember everything . I hope you like it :)

Saturday night before

★ Total computer boredom and all that stuff .
★ Finally decided to help Mama Lorna with designing the karo
★ I helped Mama Lorna design and put up the karo with flowers .
★ Had my imagination working
★ Completely made the karo look fabulous :)
★ Gone to sleep with my back aching
Palm Sunday
★ Total computer boredom and all that stuff .
★ Readied for the prusisyon
★ Watched The Prince of Tennis before joining
★ Joined the prusisyon
★ Everyone got tired
★ Decided to eat on Tagaytay
★ Mcdo moments
★ Used the PC for a while
Monday Tuesday
★ Total computer boredom and all that stuff .
★ Thought tita wasn't gonna come here
★ Stared into nothingness most of time
★ My period came in
★ ate Julianne came home
★ Mama Lorna and Tito Bhoy's Wedding Anniversary :)
★ another prosisyon
★ Dysmenorrhea got me
★ I tried to join
★ But the pain ate me whole
★ Ended up with my titas at Lola's house
★ Used Maurice's DSLR
★ Camwhores come in
★ I became the Photographer
★ They liked how I can produce good Jump Shots
★ Got worried they weren't gonna come fetch me
★ Dysmenorrhea consumed me again
★ They came at 1O.3Opm
★ Got home
★ Ate a lot
★ Got to sleep
Maundy Thursday
★ Tita finally came with Bon and sister :)
★ They brought the Laptop with them
★ Total laptop boredom and all that stuff .
★ Second thoughts about the Bisita Iglesa couz everyone was too tired from yesterday's prusisyon
★ Except me @.@ but I was tired as well . due to my monthly dysme @.@
★ Laptop blues
★ Dysmenorrhea blues
★ Snap decisioned the Bisita Iglesia
★ Gone to different churches
• St Agustine
• Alfonso
• Silang
• Sungay
• Lourdes
★ Oh! the car got jammed before going to Sungay . had to fix it :)
★ Was on the verge of tears a lot . but kept myself still
★ Was so damn windy and cold @.@
★ Got home tired
★ DDtank before going to sleep
Good Friday
★ Total laptop boredom and all that stuff .
★ The final prosisyon
★ The Pamigay controversy :))
★ The swimming rumor next day
★ The Flat tire :) strike 1 of the controversy
★ Laptop blues
★ DDtank blues
★ Got to sleep :)
Black Saturday
★ Surprisingly no Total laptop boredom and all that stuff . that day XD
★ couz the rumor came true :))
★ everyone in the gang joined :)
★ Jhonna Vs Justin the bag that got left
★ 4 car convoy was formed
★ Got to Batangas
★ Tito got annoyed the convoy got broken
★ enjoyed the rest of the day swimming :)
★ The jammed car :) strike 2 of the controversy
★ Got to sleep on the way home
★ Slept hearing Pussy Cat Dolls
★ Woke up hearing Pussy Cat Dolls
★ Decided to use the laptop
★ Ended up talking with Steve
★ Got to sleep earlier :)
★ like 2am :))
Easter Sunday
★ Total laptop boredom and all that stuff
★ Mae came over couz her mom wasn't home
★ Got to eat at a birthday party of Lolo and Lola at Burgos :)
★ Teased her with her Antioch stuff from her retreat I guess .
★ Her brother Kuya Ivan came to the rescue :)
★ Mais-Melon Con Heilo :)
★ Laptop blues
★ DDtank blues
★ Blogged yesterday
★ Got to sleep
★ Had a dream
well it is very weird yet it is also a fun week :) oh btw . this week . i've been sleeping at 3 a lot . if you guys were to ask :) I S
sincerely like my holy week :) I wish by next year . I have someone to be with during the prusisyons @.@ I want to share with someone how fun it is here at Mendez during the Holy Week :) I wish everyone had a good Holy Week as well as I did :)

So.HowDidYouSpendYourHolyWeek? :)

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