freakin late post . :|

ok so a lot has happened since Tuesday . which was crazily funny . well . I was in one of the usual boring days I had left on the longest summer I will ever have in my entire education life . everything else will be just a pit of suffering . Just like DLA ? haha maybe Mapúa was the DLU they were dreaming off . well buzz off . Malayan got it first . haha anyway . I got an unusual pm from my dearest sister . she was asking about a classmate of mine . I don't know what caught her attention but she asked a lot . which was so weird . the next person to pm me was my old classmate himself . well i'll just post their conversation . its so weird anyways

tsk tsk . her boyfriend got so mad . he got scared . this is what I call karma . well . I guess he deserved that . he isn't really careful with what he always says and he doesn't hell care that what he says can actually hurt or annoy another creature around him . that's all I can say about him right now . So anyway the next day I went home . here at Imus . it actually irritated my skin to actually be here . I took 2 baths that day and the next day . well now i'm a bit fine I guess . but yesterday was epic . I went to Intra to finally enroll . I was at hell . I don't know if God was really mad at me couz I seriously felt it . The scorching heat expressed that of the sun . it radiated everywhere I landed on at Manila . I still hate that place  but I am still forced to even go there for college . for what ? the greener pasture of course . except you need to cross hell first before you live in that freakin pasture . btw we also brought stuff for baby sister's birthday party . which caused me more fatigue that even my mind wasn't capable of . am I insane ? maybe I am already . who ever said I wasn't ? :| so anyway . the day went on . more fatigue . more heat . insert more dramatic figures of speech . damn i'm running out of ideas . or i'm just getting more and more annoyed ? anyway rain poured a few moments ago . and it just made the humidity worse . anyway I just want to share I changed my background the same day when I enrolled . its nothing really . just simple copy paste ~.~ and via request i'm posting what my desktop officially looks like .

Just My Background

How I use my Desktop :)

ill end your misery (:


PS : I like using a new emoticon now >> (: fb chat is so freaky

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